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Posted in Diapers for teen girls on 2024-06-11 12:33:11

I am 14 and still in puberty that is causing me to wet the bed everynight.Ever since my bedwetting started just past age 12,i have been wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night that mom puts on me before bedtime.I feel like a baby when i have them on.Last month,on May 19th,i finially made my First Holy Communion in the class of 7 year olds.Mom and dad dressed me like a little girl for the ceremony! I wore a poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees communion dress and matching veil with white tights and white maryjane shoes.The saturday night before,so i would even feel more little girlish,my pubic hair was shaved off!Sunday morning,when i was dressed in my outfit,mom put a pair of my plastic pants on me,then the tights over them followed by a white tee shirt,then the rest of my outfit.I really felt like a little girl! The whole time i could feel my plastic pants next to my skin and it was a weird feeling!

When i was 14 i too made my First Communion and per the parish dress code had to wear toddler size rubberpants and a tee shirt under my poofy communion dress.

Posted in Teen punishments from parents on 2024-06-09 12:17:29

Me and my sister are both teenagers and our parents spank us with a paddle on our bare butts.After the spanking,we are then put into a size 8 pampers nappy,then ruffled plastic pants are put on over it and we have to wear the nappy and plastic pants for the weekend!It is embarrassing being seen by our friends in the nappy and ruffled plastic pants!

Posted in Teen punishments from parents on 2024-06-09 12:10:31

I am a girl,15 and my sister,Annie,is a year younger at 14.Our parents use spanking on us.When one or both of us misbehaves,we have to lay over dads lap and he spanks us on the bare butt with a leather strap,usually 8 to 10 whacks!This is usually done on a saturday morning.Then after the spanking,we have to take off all of our clothes,lay naked on the bed and mom babypowders us then pins a thick cloth diaper on us,then puts adult size plastic pants with babyprints on them over the diaper,followed by a tee shirt with 'baby' printed across the front.We then have to wear the diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt for the rest of the weekend untill monday morning! Back on May 19th,Annie and i made our First Holy Communions and i got into trouble the week before.That saturday morning,dad gave me ten whacks with the leather strap,then mom put the diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt on me.Sunday morning,Annie and i were dressed in our communion dresses and veils with the lace anklets and the white maryjane shoes and i had the cloth diaper,plastic pants and tee shirt on under my dress!I felt so embarrassed being in the diaper and babyprint plastic pants and tee shirt for the day.To further punish me,she lifted up my dress and showed my friends and relatives the diaper and plastic pants under my dress!She even showed them to my boyfriend!Then towards the end of our party,mom took the diaper off of me and i had to wear the crinkly plastic pants under my communion dress untill bed time! Annie thought it was 'cute' that i had the plastic pants under my dress!

Posted in I need to be punished on 2024-06-09 11:22:57

Your parents should use a humiliation type punishment on you.You should be put into a thick cloth diaper with adult size,crinkly babyprint plastic pants over it with a tee shirt with baby printed across the front,and a bonnet on your head.You should be made to suck on a pacifier and drink from a baby bottle.Your friends and other family members should see you this way and tease you!