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There are several situations when you want to view someone's Instagram stories anonymously. Maybe you're tracking a competitor's marketing content, or you're just curious about the life of your crush or ex.

Whatever the reason, you can try the 3 simple tricks here to hide your identity from Instagram stories viewing list.

To view stories from a private Instagram account, you must first connect with them.

View Instagram stories anonymously

Method 1: Use an Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

The easiest way to view someone's Instagram stories without leaving a trace is to use a free Instagram story viewer. It does not require you to have an IG account or log in. All you need is to insert the person's username or IG profile link.

Option 1 insta-stories-viewer insta-stories-viewer allows you to view Instagram stories without appearing in the viewed list of your devices, be it a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Simply enter a username or profile URL of anyone you're interested in and all of the user's published posts, active stories, and highlights will be displayed https://insta-stories-viewer.com/kyliejenner/.

If you want to save the stories, click the download button and the videos will be saved as MP4 and the photos will be downloaded as JPEG.

Additionally, it gives you a brief profile analysis based on the average likes and comments of the last 12 posts.

Option 2 Igsaved Igsaved is another handy Instagram story viewer. It allows you to follow specific users and stay informed about their activities without them knowing. You can view and download any user's posts, highlights and stories for FREE https://igsaved.com/carousel/.

Apart from viewing the stories, you will also get a deep insight into the IG profile. It will calculate the average comments, likes and engagement for each post and display several graphs indicating the changes of your following numbers, followers and posts.

Please note that these viewers do not save user data or story history. That being said, you can only view the IG user's current stories.

Method 2: activate airplane mode When airplane mode is enabled on your device, you are disconnected from the internet and Instagram may not recognize your views. The thing is that you have to preload Instagram stories.

Launch the Instagram app and open the user's profile with an internet connection. Published stories will be uploaded. Then turn on airplane mode, return to the user's profile and click on the avatar to play the latest stories.

Instagram can notify the account owner that you've viewed their stories once you regain connectivity. So make sure you close Instagram before reestablishing the connection.

Method 3: Create a new Instagram account If you don't want to rely on a third-party tool every time you browse Instagram, or apply the airplane mode trick, which is not 100% effective and can reveal your presence, the last resort is to register a new IG account. .

Here's how to set up an additional account step by step.

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the avatar in the bottom right corner.

  2. Click the three lines icon at the top right, then select Settings & privacy.

  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Add Account > Create New Account.

  4. Create a username. Remember to use a non-identifiable name and a profile image that hides your identity.

  5. Since Instagram does not allow you to create multiple accounts with the same phone number or email address, you will need to provide a different phone number or email address than the one already linked to your main account.

Once this is done, you can check out the Instagram users you want with your anonymous account.

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