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Posted in *:::*Names With Different Spellings*:::* on 2005-06-04 01:21:08

Lindsay spelt with an i is a boys' name, whereas Lyndsey with a y is a girls' name. Similarly, things like Jessie, Jessi etc are short for Jessica, whereas Jesse is a seperate name, for guys. Also I would have thought that Lee Ann was seperate from Leanne since the first is two names and the second is only one, but I don't know anyone called that. Maybe people use it hyphenated or something.

More on topic, I think alternative spellings that randomly replace vowels with y and c with k normally look pretty silly, they just look like it's been spelt wrong. But each to their own...

Posted in If your friend was in trouble...?... on 2005-06-04 01:07:45

If your friend gets bitten by a snake, you shouldn't suck the poison out for several reasons. Firstly, it isn't very effective, so you're wasting time and putting yourself in danger (by storing poison in your mouth) which will prevent you from getting more effective help. You ought to be encouraging your friend to keep still and calling the emergency services. In most 1st Aid situations it is a bad idea to put yourself in danger no matter how much you care about the person because it stops you from helping more and creates more work for the professionals when they arrive. Secondly, you're introducing saliva to the wound, which poses an infection risk for both of you and makes it more difficult for the hospital staff to identify the poison, since your DNA is mixed up with that of the snake. You can get these cool things called aspivenin kits which suck poison up manually without any need for using your mouth though, and those are good. They're not enough on their own, but they do have a positive effect whereas sucking by mouth doesn't.

Posted in Die For Someone on 2005-05-25 22:34:15

I think there needs to be another yes option- I think I would, but it certainly wouldn't be with no second thoughts. I doubt many people can really tick the first option with honesty. I know I would be terrified, and even though I knew it was right, all my instincts would be against it and I'd have to really force myself to do it. I would be desparately trying to think of alternatives and stuff. I'd expect most people would be the same- life preservation instinct is pretty strong and it would be very difficult to overcome it, no matter how much you loved someone.

Posted in Camping and bivouacking on 2005-05-25 22:12:44

Bivouacking is sleeping out in the open without a shelter over you. Normally you have a big plastic bag called a bivvy bag, and you put your sleeping bag and camp mat inside it, but if the weather is nice you can do without it. If it rains, the water normally gets into the open end of the bivvy bag, so only the bottom half of your sleeping bag stays dry, and you get slugs crawling on you and stuff, so it can be quite unpleasant. On the other hand, you get to see the stars before you go to sleep and you can drink cocoa in bed and stay up telling ghost stories to your friends and stuff (you can have more people bivvying together than you can fit in a tent). Also a bivvy bag is much cheaper, smaller, and lighter than a tent, so if you're backpacking and you're confident about the weather, then it can be a good idea.

A yurt is a traditional shelter used by nomads in Mongolia, Western China, and places like that. It looks a bit like a round tent, but the walls are reinforced with a lot of straw, so they're a lot thicker than the walls of a tent. They have a lot of rugs and wall hangings inside. It's the main house that the nomads use, so you could say it is staying in someone's house rather than camping, but it is a temporary shelter meant to moved around, and probably has fewer luxuries/facilities than a caravan, so you could say it was camping. It's quite a tricky one.

Posted in when did u learn about "it"?? on 2005-05-11 02:28:12

I can't remember how old I was when my parents first told me about sex, but I was quite small. I'm pretty sure I knew when I was 4. Certainly by the time I was 8 or 9 it was common knowledge. I remember we all laughed a lot when a 10-year-old girl said "Did you know? If you want to have a baby you have to have sex!" because we'd all known that for ages, and we were well aware that that wasn't the most common reason for people having sex.