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Posted in Perfect Girlfriend on 2004-05-01 02:16:41

Much to my suprise....no its not wrong in my opinion. Apart from one thing though. That most people would like a girl to have sex in bed over just cuddling. But as the result of virginity had most people wanting a virgin and would only take it when she was ready, this makes it not much of a concern for me. ========== In Reply To ========== well?

Posted in Internet, Porn and Censorship on 2004-05-01 02:11:10

No its people like you who should be sent to nazi germany for letting such things happen. ========== In Reply To ========== anyone who wants to censor materials of any sort shoould move out of the united states and find a time machine to nazi germany . i agree we must " protect " children and we should not go out of our way to shove images , ideas or thoughts down the throats of others ( not unlike t.v., madison ave marketing or many churches who pound on your door at diner hour or even the telemarket loosers who we should had federal laws to keep them from calling us ) i do think however that once you have seen one you have seen them all -some better looking granted but its not the end of the western world as we know it if some teenager finds a girly book or porn site - as far as co-workers go i am much more preterbed by those who stand outside or in the back room bumming a drag for a half hour they could have been working - a goof off is a goof off rather they are taking pleasure in a smoke, coffee or porn - they are defrauding their business by taking time away from what they were hired to do - it affects the bottom line which drives sales or services and hurts everyone when those work hours or positions no longer exist due to non productive work habits - when someone has meet their full use by sitting on their brains all day -( even off an on )it would bother me much more than any image of anyone being sexually fufilled by whatever flots their boat - thats where the true crime is - with waste of company time in any amount in any form ever and before a employeer gets over zelous and stirs in self rightous condimnation of an employee who is waisting time - they should first look in the mirror at themselves who could have ben more productive and morover should have had the balls to keep their staff or team motivated enough to produce without much time waste . it is my thought that anyone who finds porn prob was either looking for it in the first place or should suck it up and move on and those who play demigod and protest in shouts of foul do so only because they are remined of their faults in so many other areas - even if its not porn - which i should add i would rather have a sexually fufilled person of any age arising from porn than i would have a world of idiots who go about making stupid mistakes becasue they are horny and parents - be take note - which would you hate worse a teen who gets off from porn without hurting anyone or a teen who is on overdrive and the unwanted baby ( too offten killed for sake of ease -just like with the nazi's and the jews and the goverments approval ) who will born or unborn be apart of them for the rest of their days . oh and one more thing for all of you self control freaks out their whould shut me down cold and throw a jew of your wisdom in my face - first - explain the story of eve and the snake and why adam took a bite - second explain your vices too me - not the ones you admit but the ones you will stand accountable for nobody knows about - third - young people thing they know it all- middle aged people are always saying " let me give you some advice " because they are overgrown teenagers who still know it all and fianlly by the time we old enoughto know anything becasue we have had the door hit us in the $%!@ enough we no one wants to listen to us because we have had our chance to speak - read your historyy books published by those with the money to promote their views of what they happened and then tell me - you did not waste your voice to find the truth - and last of all - get over, get a life , move on - i cant believe we have vets from WWII and nam who are freezing in the park across from the white house tonight and we have time to worry about whose getting off and on what time - we will all stand accountable - we are born to a certian amount of suffering and we dont do it in this life - i dont care what your religion is you will find tyou will not excape without doing some time in the fires of refinement on the otherside. peace out

Posted in Internet, Porn and Censorship on 2004-05-01 02:08:12

It is wrong because its degrading.If we all didnt have clothes that would be different, but because its not normal to be naked it becomes a sexual thing. And so women do it largely to get attention of males. ========== In Reply To ========== that is stupid. why is it wrong to have naked ppl on the internet and magizines and books and calanders and tv? we all would be butt naked if no1 had clothes. sex is somehting we all did and if its wrong to god or who ever then most of us with lives will go to hell and we will still be steamy and sexy not virgins and reproduce and we werent put on this earth to complain about sex. it may not seem proper but who cares????

Posted in Internet, Porn and Censorship on 2004-05-01 02:05:57

Yeah but sexual predators DO look at porn and maybe if they didn't have it to look at they might think twice about their actions. ========== In Reply To ========== Or not, NEWSFLASH! looking at porn is not that unusual and does not automatically make one a sexual predator.

Posted in Internet, Porn and Censorship on 2004-05-01 02:04:41

exactly adm!