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Posted in Barefoot In School on 2003-08-15 00:54:53

Both I and my wife, Wendy, went to a comprehensive school in Sheffield during the 1970's. There was no PE uniform, so the boys wore shorts-only and the girls gym knickers with sometimes a vest. The gym lessons were separate. No-one really cared that much about going in barefeet as we had done so in primary school before. We just accepted it as normal. Many pupils went barefoot outside in summer for sports like athletics, rounders etc.

Posted in Girls with no PE kit on 2003-08-15 00:43:24

I went to a comprehensive school in the Midlands during the 1970's. It was in a poor area and few parents could afford a PE kit. Therefore it was mandatory for girls to exercise in underwear. That mean gym knickers only for gymnastics, although we could wear a singlet vest in the winter. For outside we wore vest and gym knickers, and could wear plimsolls as well. We were in barefeet for all indoor activities, including dance, drama, games and movement. I can't say we really minded that much as we were all treated the same. The only time I felt vulnerable was when there was a team of workment painting the outside corridor that linked the changing room to the gym. One of the painters nearly died of an apoplectic fit!


Posted in Have You Forgoten Your P.E. Kit on 2003-07-16 04:00:05

Hi Everyone

At primary school we did indoor PE in shorts and vests; barefeet. If you forgot you simply went in your briefs. For outside we wore plimsolls, vest or suitable shirt and shorts. If you forgot your plimsolls you either retained your shoes or went in barefeet. No big deal.

At secondary school we wore shorts only; barefeet. If you forgot your shorts you either used a pair from the kit stock room ( pretty ghastly ) or went in your underpants. For outside games our master would make us go in barefeet if we forgot trainers/plimsolls and run around the school perimeter regardless of the weather. I didn't mind the indoor rule but I hated the outside one. I quickly came to the conclusion all PE teachers were sadists.


Posted in Linkin Park!!! on 2003-07-09 21:16:38

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Posted in Best Friends(ages 8-15) on 2002-11-22 17:03:02

My Best Friend is called Kurt. He is 8 and I am 14. I would do anything for him since he is younger than me. He once stayed in underwear when I went to his house. He had Blue briefs.

P.s. His sister was once my girlfriend!