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Posted in Girls and Depantsing on 2003-12-16 08:25:25

Hi! I'd like to hear the ending of yopur story.

========== In Reply To ========== One day i was at the mall and i saw a group of girls who were on my cheer squad at school. They said hey 2 me as we pasted and i just continued shopping. All of the sudden they push me to the ground and one holds me down. One was taking pictures of this all. Then another removes my shirt and pulled my shorts down fully exposing my panties and my bra! then i was hogg tied and then one girl ripped off my bra and my panties and then they started dragging me around until they found an area with alot of people. Then they spank me with their hands on my butt or with paddles. Others put their hands on my butt and on my vagina and onto my breasts and squeeze and pinch and rub them. then some try 2 finger me. then the girl finds another girl and has that girl pull down her pants or lift up her skirt and makes me take her underwear off with my thong. Then they make me eat the girl out. or if they can't find any girls then they lift their own skirts and pull down their cheerleading shorts and make me lick their pussies. Then they make me finger 2 of them and eat another girl. After they are done with me in the sexual sense they decide 2 draw on mea nd write "Jamie is my $%!@ty hoe" and "any guys lookin for a $%!@ then insert here" and they draw and arrow to my $%!@. Then on my chest tehy right things like "Jamie was a bad girl" and "Jamie is a $%!@" and "they draw their names on my face and my breasts then they make me tthank them for strippin me and making me beautiful with all the graffeti on my body and for all the sex they got me. I didn't thank them for that and they spanked me agian then made me thank them agian. Then they told the group to follow them and they dragged me agian 2 another crowd and offed me to any1 who wanted me. 2 men came forward and so did a woman. The cheer girls made me lick the girls $%!@ and have $%!@ and regular intercourse witht he men. Then the girls drew on me more and wrote ho and bitch all over me. One girl then they made me start to fantasize about other girls outloud. then i had 2 thank them for doign this to me. Then the people in the crowd started 2 touch me and. the cheerleaders then started 2 use a vibrator on me and told me if i climaxed then they'd spank me again and would drag me around more then untie me and make me $%!@e myself. Then as they finished sayin that i climaxed and they dragged me around and made me $%!@e myself. Then they hogtied me agian and each one french kissed me and made me say that i loved them as sexual partners and that i was their little $%!@. Finally after 3 hours... they untied me and gave me cloths and then took me 2 their house and put me in their room and told me that later that night they'd use me again. I told them i didn't want to and they said "we know thats why we do it to you." she smiled sexily after she said that and she knew that i loved it. and i did. it is a turn on for me!!! later that night they... well you'll have 2 ask if u wanna hear it. see ya

Posted in Depantsed - Has it happened to you? on 2003-12-16 08:20:59

Can you please write it again with details? I am really interested in your story.

========== In Reply To ========== One time I was pantsed because I acciddentally tripped a girl and she fell in the mud. I tried to catch he, but just just gave her string panties a wedgie. She pulled down my pants and pushed me in the mud. I was wearing red briefs, at this time all the other kids were in boxers. She said I was in girls underwear and looked in my underwear to see in I had a $%!@. It was 2 inches and hairless. She then held me to he mud and shoved a stick up my $%!@ since I did not have a long enough $%!@ to be a guy. While she did this I wet my undies and when the stick came out I pooped them