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Posted in HOMESCHOOLING!!!! for homeschoolers only! on 2004-09-10 23:27:31

Unfortunately, the homeschooler that decided to make this poll doesn't know how to spell. She doesn't write very well, either. When reading this poll, a person would likely perceive that homeschoolers are ignorant and have low IQs. This is not true at all. It has been shown that an average homeschooler is more well-educated than an average student who attends public school. I'm a homeschooler, and I'd like to encourage the writer of this poll to get out her dictionary and English textbook and start editing her poll.

Posted in Bush & the Economy on 2004-02-05 18:26:24

Capitalism is what has made this country's economy so strong. Bush's economic policies are capitalist. Socialist economic policies eventually fail. And when rich people get richer and spend money, everybody gets more money. So rich people getting richer is not bad. Economic freedom was one of the reasons for our country's independence.

Posted in Bush & the Economy on 2004-02-05 18:22:53

========== In Reply To ========== Since Bush has taken away 3 Million jobs so far (1 million jobs a year for each year of his presidency), and Clinton ADDED 8 Million during his 8 years of presidency, I have to say we're not going to recover. I believe the rich are funneling as much of our money out of this country as possible, and that we are destined to become third world.
my industry, IT is being outsourced as we speak. I won't have a job in IT next year in this county, end of story. The "jobless" recovery is being accomplished by outsourcing. A Sys Admin in India only costs a US company $4,000/year, vs. the American salary of anywhere from $50K-$80k. So while the recovery may look good on paper, our system is based on consumer spending, and if the money is being sent to India, it won't be spent here, making this downward spiral never-ending. IMPEACH BUSH! he's a crook, and he's making off with the Amerian people's money!

Read Noam Chomsky for more information.

In reply: Bush's economic policy is called CAPITALISM. It's what has made the United States the most prosperous country in the world. The problem with the economy is that SOCIALISM is too widespread.

Posted in Actual weapons have not been found, but... on 2004-02-05 18:18:09

Reliable intelligence from around the world said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Clinton said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and intelligence since then said that Saddam still had them. Because of Saddam Hussein's past behaviour, he couldn't be trusted. Therefore, President Bush did what was the best thing to do under the circumstances. "No weapons have been found" doesn't make Bush a bad president. Any great president would make the same decision. Another point is that there have been numerous news stories about the WMD being sent to Syria. It's too early too say that Iraq didn't possess WMD.

Posted in Vote Your Conscience on 2004-01-09 22:07:55

The author of this poll forgot to include Joe Lieberman.