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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2008-03-27 03:03:14

Thanks. Didn't know it was that many. You're right about Firefox, but I had a few tech problems with it. But it's no big deal to open it when I went to go to MisterPoll. But my computer leaks memory, and it drains faster through Firefox.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2008-03-26 22:18:09

Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0. I even rebooted, still does it. Similar problem never happens on any other website. However, if I use Firefox, it works, but not IE. When I use Firefox, the 'your polls' page opens, I get a CPU usage spike for a few seconds, then "A script on the page may be busy, or it has stopped running". I choose 'continue', and it proceeds normally.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2008-03-26 16:48:32

I created a poll, and when I clicked 'launch this poll', my CPU usage went to 100% and stayed there, and I had to go to task manager and end process to close my browser. Now, when I go back in, and I just click "your polls", my polls won't even open, the same thing keeps happening. How do I get unstuck?

Posted in Girls, does he deserve you? on 2006-03-11 16:20:10

Do you really think he ought to put his religion first? Even if its not the same as yours??? I bet you'll say he's not even on your list if his religion is not the same as yours. That means you're putting YOUR religion first, not his. You failed the test.

Posted in Writing on 2006-01-13 18:43:31

"Creative Writing" is generally broad enough to include Essays, Autobiography, etc, although some may interpret it to be restricted to purely imaginary subject matter. Writing is always "creative" if it requires attention to the details of grammar, syntax, style, form, etc, as opposed to writing a check or making a grocery list.