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Posted in Adults who wet the bed by accident on 2004-02-23 21:45:36

Just to reiterate what was said in the introduction to the poll -- this forum is meant for adults who HONESTLY struggle with bed-wetting problems. It is NOT intended for diaper lovers, adult babies, or anyone of that nature. Furthermore, it is NOT intended to be a place to talk about adult diapers, except strictly as a tool for managing bed-wetting, and even then I do not want diapers to be the focal point of this forum (hence the absence of questions about them on the poll). This poll IS meant to be a place to talk about treatments for adult bed-wetting, thoughts and feelings of adult bed-wetters, and ways of coping with the physical and emotional aspects of the condition. Thank you for respecting the purpose of this poll.

-- spartanadam@hotmail.com

Of course it's a little early yet for final analysis, but I tried to make it as scientific as I could, given the naturally skewed sample of an anonymous internet poll. The biggest "fudge factor" would definitely be the guessing component (28% of votes presently), as well as the fact that from the title, it is natural to assume that people who think themselves to have unusually large or small bladders might be disproportionately more inclined to participate.

That said, I will go on record (as a guy who can only hold a pathetic 700 ml, and that hurt me for about a day afterwards) that I am a little astonished by the number of women in the over 2000ml category. How exactly do you fit something the size of a 2L soda bottle amidst all the other organs of your lower body? And how much over 2000ml are we talking, anyway?? I'd like to see a few of the numbers on the high end, just to get a ballpark idea of how high they can actually go. I came into this poll with only the curiosity of wondering how much smaller my capacity was than the general population... but this is becoming really fascinating for me!


========== In Reply To ========== Also, need more data since there are still categories with no data: this means you don't have a statistical distribution as of yet.

Posted in Small bladders on 2004-01-17 03:49:00

Heather, Sounds interesting, even though I couldn't relate... :) Anyway, here's a poll on bladder capacity correlated with gender:


Posted in Female Bladder Capacity on 2004-01-16 20:03:45

First, for the record, yes, ml and cc are the same thing.

I'm amazed there are so many out there who can even give their bladder capacity in ml. I thought I was about the only one. I'm curious: what exactly motivates you to want to measure in the first place, and how do you go about doing it?

Also, this poll has made me naturally curious (being a guy with a capacity apparently a small fraction of several of the girls here): who can hold more on average, guys or girls? I hope to post a new poll in the next few days to shed some light on this.

Posted in Biblical Accuracy on 2004-01-01 21:59:37

If one biblical statement can be abundantly proven accurate by this poll, it is the first one given from Ecclesiates: "There is nothing new under the sun." Skeptical questions like these have been around for thousands of years (in the Christian era, all the way back to Celsus in the 2nd century AD!), and simply demonstrate the complete ignorance of the basic principles of exegesis, hermeneutics and textual criticism that unfortunately characterize the overwhelming bulk of skeptical "thought" ever since that time. I do agree with you that these issues should raise significant doubts for those who naively cling to a "literal" interpretation of the Bible, but these texts when properly understood do absolutely nothing to undermine a thinking Christian's confidence in the overall reliability and spiritual authority of the scriptures as a whole. For those interested in actually investigating these issues, check out Gleason Archer's "Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties" or some other such resource, but don't waste your time sweating over the number of horses in Solomon's stall (can anyone say "scribal error"???) or trivialities of that sort as objections to the basic message of the Christian faith.