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Posted in ===You're So Funny=== on 2005-02-27 21:25:56

But your name indicates that you're a guy, and guys who answer this poll are very naughty.

Posted in size on 2004-11-06 03:08:38

All surveys carried out by companies and universities show that 1-2% of guys are 8" or more in length. Something is wrong here.

Posted in Should MrPoll. . . . on 2004-10-02 22:01:05

I just had a poll re-reviewed and it didn't go to the top.

Posted in What is the Ideal Weight for a Man/Woman? on 2004-09-07 03:38:10

Please DO NOT find out what others think before answering the poll

Posted in What is the Ideal Weight for a Man/Woman? on 2004-09-07 03:34:41

There have only been 18 mens' votes so far. Which means it's hard to draw a conclusion.

The most popular vote is currently 110 lbs, but it's not the average. 66% of the votes have been over 110 lbs, making the average 123.3 lbs, or the low end of the normal BMI range.

========== In Reply To ========== Interesting... I noticed that the number one answer for men's weight according to women was 160 lbs for a 5'10" man... that would give you a BMI (body mass index) of about 23. This BMI is close to perfect (the normal range is 20-25). Now the number one answer for women's weight according to men was 110 lbs for a 5'5" woman. This would give you a BMI of about 18 which is usually considered underweight. Of course, the BMI calculation does not take muscle mass into consideration. Women, of course, have less muscle mass than men.. and therefore can more easily have lower BMIs.

BMI (body mass index) = [weight (lbs.)/(height X height) (in inches)] X 703