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Posted in opinion of overalls on 2018-01-01 15:16:37

I have always found wearing shortalls to be great. I wore shortalls as a boy and still occasionally wear them. They are comfortable and practical. For me it is always shortalls with legs as short as possible, they feel really sensuous.

Posted in Men wearing female short shorts?! on 2017-12-16 11:22:37

I wear many types of shorts, it depends on the situation. But given the choice I would wear very short shorts all the time. I like plain denim hot pants, usually bought from Ebay. They are a male cut with the zip the right way round and just covering my bottom.

I also perhaps more discreetly wear shortalls and occasionally a denim skirt..

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2016-10-29 15:05:09

Dave, Analee

I am pleased to read this, maybe between us, we can hound these perverts off Mister-poll.

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2016-10-27 20:31:26

No just feel it is my duty to expose common trash like you.

Posted in Short Pants on 2016-10-27 06:59:03

Just as a foot note

I have seen a few pictures on the internet of big guys wearing shortalls, you would laugh at them at your peril.