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Posted in NeOpEtS vS. mIlSBeRrY on 2006-11-30 01:40:50

Neopets used to be the most respected virtual pet game online, now it's nothing but a marketing empire conducted by business people who couldn't care less about their product and users who are 90% idiots. Millsberry isn't GREAT, but in comparison to what Neopets has become it's definetely not shabby. Subeta is the best virtual pet site though, Neopets without the $%!@.

KaixRei is the greatest yaoi pairing ever, aside from SeijixSono from Sensitive Pornograph. Shame they hook up with women in the manga, at least the anime leaves they're relationship options open. :(

Posted in Who's most satanic? on 2005-10-15 21:56:11

Um...Do you even know what a Satanist is because looking at this poll I can see you've got a pretty big misunderstanding going on.

Posted in Scariest movie of all time! on 2005-01-16 04:47:01

What about Day of the Women (It's called I spit on your grave or something now though), that had some freaky bits and it was banned in Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, West Germany, Iceland and was originally banned in Canada and Australia as well before it was heavily cut to be re-released. Evil Dead was a pretty freaky one in parts as well and it was banned in at least 3 places, but the movies you have put on the list are awesome as well, I'm just saying that Evil Dead and Day of the Woman should be on there as well.

Posted in Should Stores stock Michael Jackson product? on 2005-01-12 02:44:03

I agree. I've never been a really big fan of Michael himself but I think his music is great and when Target refuses to market it then that's just... Well, weird considering how many allegations artists like Eminem have had against them and you don't see them taking away his music (which is good since I'm a huge Eminem fan ^_^) but what the hell? I say keep selling the stuff, that's customers choice if they wanna buy it!