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Posted in How much do you love our king? on 2005-06-04 03:47:55

I can now see the light!

Posted in George W. Bush on 2005-03-26 19:51:19

Scorpion's reaction means either one of two things. Either he is a brainless Bush Loyalist or he is being sarcastic, trying to imitate the mentality of a brainless Bush Loyalist. I hope to think the latter.

Posted in Your opinion on America (Americans only!!) on 2005-03-19 23:01:40

Plywood makes some good points, but I don't agree with him entirely.

The purpose of state governments having certain powers over the federal government is to allow for desired differences in each state without the need of having separate countries. Unfortunately, over the years the federal goverment has gained too many powers and the state governments have lost too many powers, which defeats the whole purpose behind separation of powers. There are many decisions that the federal government should never have their hands on (Feel free to name some!). The Republicans have often been the big fans of more power going to the states, but not so much during the current administration, who want to shove their ideologies down everyones throats, which we can clearly see with the issue of gay marriages, despite their failures to ban it nationally.

I also don't trust electronic voting. Sure it is much faster at counting the votes, but it more easily can rig the voting process, possibily keeping the same ruling party in power for many many years until they push things too far and a revolution occurs as a result.

When it comes to suburbs, I classify them into two types: Old Suburbs and Sprawling Suburbs. The Old Suburbs are the ones with the intact town centers containing many small businesses, and walking distance to a store for most residents.

The Sprawling Suburbs are the despicable ones that plywood refers to because life within them is completely centered around the automobile. To get anywhere, you have to drive. The only places near most homes are "other homes". Those who can't drive are prisoners in their own neighborhood. Shopping is done in these big box stores such as Wal Mart, which dominate most of peoples commercial needs. Small businesses can't compete with the big bully corporations. Wal Mart and similar stores have a huge parking lot in front of them, thus taking away most beauty from the curbsides of streets. Pedestrians are rarely seen. I can go on and on about sprawling suburbs, but there is too much to say. Whole books have been written about them.

If the world's oil supply ever runs out, the sprawling suburbs will be the first to feel the impact, unless alternate forms of fuel become the main fuel for vehicles.

Plywood for the most part has the right ideas.

Posted in Your opinion on America (Americans only!!) on 2005-03-17 16:27:52

Correction: Democrats are second party status, but that is still as good as you say third-party status is, because we currently have a one-party system.

Posted in Survey About Urban Decay For School on 2005-02-17 22:00:58

If you want to see the worst that urban decay can get to, at least in the United States, look at Detroit, MI. If you ever look at Detroit, you begin to see how huge of a problem urban decay can be. Those who live in the lily white suburbs are often not used to seeing urban decay because affluent communities can afford to do something about it.