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Posted in Islam daughter on 2004-06-18 02:50:31

Ugh, when religion does this to people, it truly bothers me. I suppose that one could call it a "custom" in the same way that it's popular to wear baseball caps in the US or something, but then again this veil thing is perceived something that's required, not preferred. However, it is NOT required by islam.

Posted in Your Interpretations of unique Christian Beliefs on 2004-06-18 02:46:31

If there was a fair and just god, he would not let so many people die and he would not let so much hatred exist between his believers. If a god does exist, he's definitely doing a crappy job.

Posted in What is atheism and do atheist posses a moral code? on 2004-06-04 22:46:28

========== In Reply To ========== I would probably say that I'm close to atheist, but not quite. I think that it is indeed possible to have a very strict moral code and still be atheist and I think it is possible to be religious and have a very good moral code. I really think that many atheist morals coincide directly with those of religious codes. The only difference between atheist moral codes and religious moral codes is that atheists have similar morals but no official God to pray to.

Posted in Homosexuality: Your Opinion on 2004-06-04 12:09:39

Okay, okay. Hold on, "somebody." Let me just get this straight... you say that first of all, you speak the word of god and god is never wrong. Do you know how many people in the past have said this? The crusaders of medieval Europe said, "We're going to claim the holy land for God," when really, what they did to acheive this was nothing close to christian. Hitler said that he was following god's word, and we all know that he was evil (you cannot refute that). So how do you know you are "correct" by simply saying you repeat god's word? Furthermore, let's just sweep your entire "argument" of its feet by introducing this: what makes you think the bible is correct? You keep attacking us because we don't have proof for our points; you've conveniently avoided supporting any of your beliefs with anything but the bible. Congratulations. Reply to me if you'd like.

========== In Reply To ========== "Parson" Brown, I'm glad that my words annoy you.It shows that you may have a conscience and there may be hope for you after all.You have no legitimate argument against what I have said.All you could say is that I am annoying and nauseating.I imagine that it IS annoying to have your sins pointed out to you and I praise the Lord for that.