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Posted in Boys sleeping nude, questions? on 2006-07-12 03:50:54

i dont sleep nude, but i always sleep in my boxers. I dont think thats bad. Sometimes on occasion though i do drop my boxers and doze off.

Posted in Locker Room (GUYS ONLY PLEASE!) on 2006-07-12 03:42:50

im 14 and i walk to the shower nude with a towel around my waist. they are in our locker room which is pretty big and then we have dividers with curtains which really dont make much of a difference cause us guys sometimes play around plus there arent enough showers for all the guys so we deal with being naked in front of eachother. After we walk to our locker and get into some clothes.

Posted in Boxers or not? on 2004-12-21 22:09:10


First of all, wearing no underwear is disgusting! Next, to hell with the peer pressure. Ill take showers naked in school, ill wear g-strings to school. People shouldnt care what other people think.

Posted in Locker Room Habits (Boys) on 2004-12-05 02:14:17

oo well jockstraps are omehat mandatory. we have to wear the ones with ur butt showing in the back and what r gym teacher does is all of us face the lockers and bend over! we then take off our gym shorts and he pats our butt to tell us to put ur shrts back on! if u dont pull down ur gym shorts u have to play in ur jock the rest of the day of gym. and if u dont abide by those rules, u will sit in the corner naked!

Posted in High School Locker Room (male only) on 2004-12-04 01:25:24

Yeah im on the baseball team and we wear jockstraps and we all take them off! bg deal if someone sees our genitals. A mans $%!@ is a mans $%!@!