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User: Jonathan King



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Posted in Teens in leather on 2005-03-07 20:56:16


I am Jonathan (of 14) and i own 2 black leather pants. In the weekends i do wear them. I like the feel and the smell of leather.

Posted in Islam daughter on 2005-01-30 22:41:10

On my school, when i was 12, there was an islamic girl in my class. When she turned 12 that year she had to cover herself completely.

Posted in Men and Women in Leather Jeans on 2005-01-21 23:29:21

They feel very comfortable. Do i get turned on? No

Posted in Addressing your parents on 2005-01-12 00:52:16

i must call my Father and Nother Sir and Ma'am. If i call them otherwise i will be spanked.

I must call all persons older than me Sir or Ma'am

Posted in all day dress codes on 2004-12-14 06:38:09

At school and doing stuff having to do with school i must wear the school uniform. The othertime i wear an all day uniform. It consists of dresspanst, dresshirt, tie, dresshoes and a balzer. The shirt must be worn tucked in and all the buttons must be done. The tie must be tied tightly. During non-schooldays and evenings i get clothing-checked. When father or mother enters the room i must stand up (as i must for every adult entering a room i am in), and my uniform gets checked. Every error in my clothing will be punished immediately with a strict spanking and kneeled cornertime.