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Posted in BEAN on 2007-09-19 23:57:20

I feel the same way as well. I thought the first movie made the necessary adjustments for the move from tv to theatrical film. Mr. Bean's Holiday just feels like a short 5 minute skit, stretched out to 1hour 30minutes with the "good jokes" spread out about 45 minutes apart. It didn't work. Maybe as a skit, but not as a film. And that ending made me cringe.

Posted in The Greatest Movie Director of All Time on 2007-08-29 20:46:49

You remember Spielberg but not Kubrick?! You remember Bryan Singer and Tim Burton but not Chris Nolan?!

Posted in BOF (Batman-on-Film): Are your pro, or anit? on 2006-11-11 22:23:05

BOF really has been about keeping Batman fans in the loop about what's been going on with the next Batman movie, and has ALWAYS been a rumour site. So what if BOF didn't break the news or sense that Ledger would be The Joker? Is "breaking the story" the only thing that really matters? NO! BOF is doing a really great job of keeping Batman fans up-to-date about the status of the next Batman movie, and it's constantly giving Batman fans new rumours to talk up and to dissect the many possibilities of casting/crew and the story of the movie. For all the anti-BOF'ers who whine and complain that there's no real news lately, well tell me where you'd be without BOF. You'd be starved for news all the time! You'd get nothing but press releases and interviews (that mention the next Batman movie) that only come around once in a while. Honestly, what other site keeps you more up-to-date on what's going on with the next Batman movie than BOF. And not only does it do a good job of that, but it's also becoming THE place to go for everything Batman.

Posted in The best movie EVARRRRRRRRRRRRRR on 2006-05-31 22:35:48

I see a lot of great movies in your poll. The one I voted for was 2001: A Space Odyssey, because it's #2 on my list, but for some reason, I didn't see my #1 in your poll, which is To Kill a Mockingbird. I believe it to be the greatest movie ever made, but was shocked to not see it in the poll. Could you please add it?