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Posted in Sacrament of confession (for Catholics) on 2014-12-04 13:34:38

I agree with have to love the Lord our God as Jesus and OT says with all our heart, all our strenght, all our mind and soul.

We certainly should dress properly at church.

As far as I understand the goal of penance is not to punish us, but set something right we have done wrong or do something good to try to compensate a sin. Ideally our penance should be something which helps others and shows that we repent.

Wouldn't you say so too?

PS: It's nice to meet you Edouard. It's nice talking to a likeminded Catholic.

Posted in Sacrament of confession (for Catholics) on 2014-12-03 13:46:13

I have created this poll to find out why so many Catholic don't go to confession or even refuse to go.

As lay men we are also called to bring people back to church so we must know what the problems are of those people who distant themselves to the church. Out Catholic faith is so very beautiful. New evangelization is a very important task for the whole church.

I agree that the examination of conscience is very important in order to repent and to come closer to God and so is the sacrament of confession. Many people can't image how much grace God grants us through confession.

Most important is the inner state of person and the reference we feel for the Lord and not how much we dressed up I believe.

Posted in Sacrament of confession (for Catholics) on 2014-12-03 13:35:57

Being a devoted an obedient Catholic is a huge challenge. It's often very tough so I don't think it's necessary to cause onself physical pain to please God.

What we have to do is to keep God's commandments and try to live in accordance to his teachings.

Posted in Sacrament of confession (for Catholics) on 2014-11-30 08:48:45

I agree it is important to confess our sins regularly and that we should do it more often than the church demands as minimum. I also feel every parish should offer confessions daily to a fixed time...and we need more priests.

People need to be taught again about vocations and every person should discern all vocations so every man should be open to consider to accept a call to priesthood in case its his vocation. Same with the other vocations.

Your call to physical suffering reminds me on Opus dei. Are you member of them?

Posted in Kneeling before God (Roman catholics) on 2014-11-23 21:10:18

I consider kneeling in front of God a great honor. It's a sign of respect toward God...it should be encouraged..same as taking of any kind of headpieces one wears off...

We all are sinners and should humble ourselves in front of our creator.

Even laying down in the dust in front of God would be a great honor to me...I love the Lord with all my heart...we are here to serve and worship God and pray without ceasing.

Thanks be to God at all times.