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Posted in hairbrush spanking on 2023-11-03 10:32:30

Oh Yes, I well remember when my mum bought a long handled wooden hairbrush. It was bought for the prime purpose of making contact with my bare bottom, and only occasionally used for brushing hair. I was with her when she bought it and she told the girl behind the counter that she wanted one with a long handle and a flat back as it was meant for my bare bottom. She didn't have to tell the girl any of this of course, but she liked to embarrass me when she could as she thought it was good for discipline. So she not only mentioned it was for punishment, not only did she mention it was for my bottom, she also had to make sure the girl knew it was for my bare bottom.

If my misdemeanour was minor, I would get two hard smacks with it, one on each cheek which because the brush had a raised pattern on the back, this pattern appeared imprinted on my bottom.

Serious misdemeanours were punished by a prolonged hard spanking (bare bottom of course) which went on until she deemed I been punished enough. These spankings continued slightly down the back of my thighs where it was really painful. I could not avoid crying and squirming when this happened. If we had visitors, the spanking would still be carried out in front of an audience. I then had to do half an hour corner time, with my bright red bottom on display for all to see. No pattern this time, the multiple smacks made it all blur together into a bright red area.

When I was twelve I started a paper round. During school days I wore my school uniform, but on weekends and school holidays it was my usual home wear which always involved extra short shorts and ankle socks. In other words bare legs top to bottom, or should I say bottom to bottom!(Everybody else was in long trousers or jeans) I often had to kneel on the floor and bend over the bag in order to pull the pile of papers into it. I did this without realising that there were two other paper delivery girls behind me who saw the red area on my thighs as my shorts rode up. When I heard giggling behind me I realised what they might have seen, and one said "Wow, has the naughty boy had his botty smacked then"? Much teasing followed from this incident. I mention this simply to illustrate that the punishment didn't end when mum finally finished the onslaught. It carried on for weeks afterwards in the form of acute embarrassment

Oh yes. I remember the hairbrush!

Posted in Snow bathing on 2018-06-14 15:35:24

My brother and I used to go out into the snow wearing only a pair of shoes to keep off frostbite in our feet. We used to have snowball fights until one of us gave up because it was too cold. We enjoyed it and it gave the neighbours a good laugh when they watched us over the fence. We got some really hard goosebumps in the process.

I think it was good for us, it definitely toughened us up. When we finally came indoors we would have a good rub down with a towel and remain bare. We never felt cold after that procedure. We did this all since we were about five or six, and kept it up through our teenage years. All our friends, family, and the immediate neighbours were used to seeing us bare. They saw us bare when we were babies often enough, and we just continued with it as we got older.

Posted in Birthday Licks on 2018-06-14 15:21:29

My bottom got a lot of attention on my birthday when I was a kid. I spent most of the day completely bare: It was known as "Birthday suit for my birthday". I wouldn't exactly call it a spanking, but I had to go to each person in turn when I had a family and friends birthday gathering, go over their knee and receive one fairly hard smack on my bare bottom from each person. The smacks weren't as hard as a genuine punishment would have been, that would have involved the hairbrush and hard multiple spanks, not just one from each person, but they were hard enough for my bottom to glow red by the time it was over.

I had to do this until my mid teen years, and my red bottom remained on display for the rest of the day. The person who always smacked hardest was my cousin who was about the same age as me. I was always cross that she didn't get the same treatment as me - I really wanted to smack her bare bottom, but never got the chance.

Mum said this was all good for character building and rituals like this prevented me from getting "big headed" and "forgetting my place" that sort of thing. I didn't mind being bare in front of everybody - I was used to that, but getting my bottom smacked when I hadn't actually done anything wrong was a bit tough.

Posted in nude gardening on 2018-05-23 15:24:37

Yeah, I like to do it too, although when I was a kid and forced to go into the garden bare by my mother, I hated it then. She thought the humiliation was good for me, stopped me "getting ideas above my station" But luckily, I have moved on.

Posted in What are some good punishments? on 2018-05-17 15:56:27

Hi Nearly bare Claire.

First off, I'm sorry it's taken me two years to see this message as I rarely visit Mr. Poll much nowadays, but I will certainly check more regularly for a reply from you. I think you are a very impressive person to willingly take a caning with no hard feelings, and literally asking for it too. So option B is definitely the right one. Of course you are now eighteen, and is the punishment regime still continuing under the same terms.

I had a strict mother who regularly used a large hairbrush on my bare bottom until I was eighteen. I sort of new I deserved it, but unlike you, I never had the courage to ask for it, it was just too painful! I didn't have regular Friday night spankings, but Friday was bath night and I always had to come downstairs after it, still bare, and submit to a detailed check all over to make sure I had cleaned myself properly. This was all done in front of the neighbour who always came in on Friday evening to play cards. If my mother found even the slightest trace of dirt, I would have my bottom smacked hard, and be sent back upstairs for another go. After this ritual was finally lover, I would have to kiss everybody goodnight, and the neighbour always managed to get a quick smack to my bottom as I turned around. I wanted to smack her back, but of course I never dared! My own bottom would have immediately received a good dose of the hairbrush.

I sort of get the idea that this was good for me, it certainly stopped me getting big headed and stuck up. My mum used to say "It's not easy to put on any airs and graces when your bottom is bare".

I used to know someone just like you. I sometimes used to do jobs for a neighbour, and a few times when I visited, their daughter, who was about thirteen at the time, would often be standing in the corner, completely bare, displaying a bright red bottom. She was quite often very tearful as the punishment had only just been done, but she was never embarrassed by her predicament, and would talk quite freely about her punishment and admit she deserved it. Just like me, she was spanked with a wooden hairbrush. Most people in her predicament would have been sorely embarrassed by my witnessing the state of her bottom, but she was always contrite about it. I really admired her for her courage. Once I visited this house when she was about to be punished. After somebody peeping out of the curtains to make sure it was only me, she came to the door to let me in and she was already bare. She told me she was about to get the hairbrush, and I would be allowed to watch. She showed no resentment at this and even said "I suppose it will make me remember this better as you will watch the whole thing. And, sure enough, I watched her getting bent over the sofa, and her bare bottom receive about 20 really hard strokes. by the end of it she was really crying and wriggling, but when it was over, she calmly, although still snivelling, went into the corner and stood there quite still , and was still there when I left.

A few days later, I happened to meet her in the street, and she brought the subject up without my asking, and told me what she had done and how much the hairbrush hurt even saying that she new she deserved it, and was glad it was done in front of me, as she would remember the lesson it taught her better. I found her quite amazing,and I am sure you are just as amazing.

You will always have my admiration even though I will never know who you are.