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Posted in Outdoor Activities in Bikini (Ladies only) on 2007-07-13 22:34:32

Hello Lizzie It's Bob (casta vote) we spoke on this thread a couple of years ago about you perhaps not needing to wear a top away from the beach and you were somewhat sceptical at first. How things have changed since then. I've been following your adventures ever since and as there haven't been any recent updates thought i would enquire how things were progressing. Linda and Peri seem to have concluded that it's best to go nude and have a string to put on if asked to do so. What's the situation with you - how often are you nude in public and how often just topless?
You may remember i mentioned several of my neighbours going topless,this has continued although not right through the winter, 4 girls are now routinely topless since spring & another 6 occasionally, my neighbour Sally started going completely nude a couple of weeks ago and hasn't had any problem with it at all. She can't believe how easy it's been, no more negative comments than if she was just topless which will hopefully encourage the others to join in. How ever did you cope in the cold weather - will you be bare again next winter? Is nudity or partial nudity catching on where you live? We talked before about you going on holiday at a seaside resort in the UK. What would you wear,if anything, in the following situations this summer (i assume you would be nude on the beach) Walking from your accomodation to the beach or vice versa? Walking to an ice cream kiosk on the prom? Visiting a gift shop across the road from the beach? Shopping in the town? Going to the pier or arcade?

If any other girls reading this would like to comment or tell us what they'll be wearing or not wearing this summer ,myself and i'm sure the other guys out there would like to know.


Posted in Outdoor Activities in Bikini (Ladies only) on 2006-07-19 21:31:48

Hello Erect Member I'm sure several women would go topless in similar circumstances ,i did see a girl yesterday in my local park walking from the direction of the main gate topless and carrying an ice cream.I'm sure she had been out into the town and bought it,as the cafe is over the other side of the park. As for being topless in the town centre itself,i've certainly seen younger girls wearing just bikini bottoms while shopping with their parents during the hot weather,the oldest i would think was a rather well endowed girl of about 14.

Posted in What do you wear at home? on 2006-03-05 22:11:10

Let the spunk fly

Hi Lynda/Peri As i said before our neighbours son has to be naked at home and is allowed to ejaculate in front of guests.I don't think many people have a problem with this. Ronnie is always casually touching and giving himself a little rub to maintian his erection,especially if some of the women aren't fully dressed,so it's not a big surprise when he "lets the spunk fly" In fact the women seem to enjoy watching. If you are still around Lynda let us know how things are with Danny.

Bye for now Bob.

Posted in Outdoor Activities in Bikini (Ladies only) on 2005-12-03 23:26:02

Hi Lizzie

I'm glad you were brave enough to go topless on holiday and at your swimming club,you obviously made the right choice. As i said previously the younger women in my neighbourhood are fairly relaxed about going topless ahd this past summer a couple even started going to the corner shop without covering up,which certainly turned a few heads at first. I suppose you have to be careful at home with your other half not approving,but do any of the other girls go topless? Have you been topless at anymore parties or do you have anything planned in the run up to christmas?

Posted in Wife works nude on 2005-07-07 21:43:32


Have you been working nude very long and do you travel to work nude or strip off when you arrive? What do you wear at home or when you're out in public? How much of your working day do you spend having sex and how do female customers react to your nudity?