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Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2002-05-18 01:51:56

Jim, I wouldn't change a thing. Your kids know who you are; they know your parenting habits; they've got a pretty good idea of where you draw the line between typical juvenile shenanigans and behaviour worthy of a spanking. And they definitely know what a "spanking" is! Your 15-year-old son is outgrowing the need to be spanked, but your daughter doesn't figure to be at that stage just yet. If you were to tell her this minute that she was going to be spanked, she wouldn't have the slightest doubt about what was going to happen to her, right? Well, keep it that way. Let the responsibility for making a change be hers, not yours. She's not a little baby anymore.

Bottom line: a spanking is a spanking. Don't feel that you have to start monkeying around with something that has served you well over the years. Promote your daughter's growth and development by providing her with parenting that she can count on for its unwavering adherence to a moral code. ========== In Reply To ========== I totally agree! Being a parent of three children, one girl and two boys one of whom has already left home, all have been disciplined in the same way as my father punished me-over the knee and with the bottom bare. If a child has earned a spanking then it is pointless allowing them to protect their bottom, that would diminish the punishment. I would however like to ask a question: up to what age do you think children should be spanked? Our eldest son has left home so is out of it, the other is 15 and my daughter 12. As long as they continue to be spanked it will be done properly, on the bare bottom and hard, yet I've heard some people say teens are too old, especially girls, but no reason is given why. My second son still gets a spanking but very rarely, the daughter actually more often. However she is nearly a teenager and visibly starting to change into a woman, but surely it would be double standards to stop spanking her when the boys were spanked until they were older? Their mother died a few years ago so I have no spouse to discuss these issues with. Any thoughts?

Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2002-05-16 13:31:48

Personally, Judy, I never made such distinctions between this or that kind of spanking and whether underpants needed taking down or not. My husband and I raised five kids - two boys, three girls - and except for only one or two instances that I can think of, spankings were my department. The living room sofa provided the ideal setting for putting a child across my lap, and that never happened until I'd bared their bottom.

There's no mystery to why your daughter reacted so differently to being spanked on the bare. I can tell you that your son would as well. With all due respect, this idea that he has to work his way up to deserving a bare bottom spanking is crazy. He's old enough that he can be given the responsibility of choosing between either behaving himself or getting his bottom spanked (and when I say bottom, I mean "bottom" - and not the seat of his pants).

Your daughter clearly understands what she's dealing with now when it comes to the threat of a spanking. And it may well be that she'll adjust her behaviour accordingly. There's no reason why your son can't be given the same option. Let them both be in no doubt as to what it will mean to be told "You're going to be spanked." ========== In Reply To ========== A good point Mona, but the reasons are firstly my husband deals with discipling our son (who's only 11), I'm sure my husband's arm is stronger than mine, our son hasn't yet deserved a spanking with his clothing removed and my husband's methods don't necessarily have to agree with mine. I spanked my daughter bare bottomed because she deserved a harsher punishment on that time and I wanted it to be a more memorable event for her. It certainly was-her face was red with shame when I pulled her panties down moments before she went over my knee, she reacted to every single slap, apologised in no uncertain terms after only the third and was crying by about the sixth. That was also the only time she came for a cuddle after being smacked, such was the effect it had on her. I don't think I'll need to ever spank her again, but if I do she knows it will always be on her bare bottom in future.

Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2002-05-16 01:34:43

Well, if you believe that, why are you wasting your time with slippering your son on his clothed bottom? Some spankings aren't meant to be taken quite as seriously as others? I don't get it.========== In Reply To ========== As a parent of two children, one early teens the other preteen, I can confirm the very occasional smacking still happens in the 21st century. Certainly it's given only as a last resort after warnings. As my daughter has to wear a skirt to school and no tights in the hotter months of the year, a few warning slaps on her thighs often is sufficient to get her to reconsider when she's being difficult. My husband has used the slipper on our son's behind but without removing any clothing, whereas I tend to deal with our daughter by smacking her over my knee, skirt lifted. As she's the eldest at 14 she has naturally been smacked far less in the last year or two, but hasn't escaped completely! In the last few years she has only been smacked once on her bare bottom and that was the last time she got any smacking just a few months ago. She had been lying to us over a very serious matter so having her bottom bare for her smacking seemed well-deserved and incidentally it was the only time she ever trully cried, but I don't know if that was from it hurting more or the greater shame. Whatever the reason, I agree with Eve that smacking on the bare seems to greatly enhance the child's sensitivity to the punishment and in particular their willingness to behave better.

Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2002-04-09 22:07:47

Frankly, I think you're a tad too rough around the edges for advice-giving purposes.========== In Reply To ==========

When you're a parent to spank or not isn't always an easy issue but sometimes it's the only damn thing that works. In my case, my wife and I are both on our second marraiges and have kids from before as well as ones from this marraige, ie we have five living in our house from toddler to late teens. All have been spanked at one time or another, though the 17 year old boy hasn't for years now. The others certainly have and still do get their share of having their backsides warmed up and we have no hesitation in spanking on the bare when the seriousness calls for it. Making a child bare their buttocks can be met with considerable resistance,especially from our 14 year old daughter, but even she doesn't escape having her knickers off and a damn good spanking on her bare butt. Her $%!@ is about twice the size of her little brother's so it takes more spanking to get it blushing a nice rosy red at me and not to mention the one vital ingredient for success-crying-if the aren't well and truly crying their eyes out by the finish then it's a waste of time because you aint got through to them. A good spanking should leave a sore red butt, wet eyes and a changed attitude!

Posted in Too Old To Be Spanked ? on 2001-12-13 06:28:40

Bill, why on earth didn't your mom simply pull down your underpants and continue applying the paddle over her knee when your age dictated a harsher punishment?========== In Reply To ========== I agree. When I was growing up, the minimum number of whacks increased as we got older (there was no maximum). The implement also changed at around the age of 10. Up to that point, we got the ping pong paddle across our underpants as we lay across mom's lap.

After that, it was face down on the bed for a good dose with the strap. From there, it was the corner. We also got grounded with no TV or phone privileges and an early bed time.

My last punishment was at 18.