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Posted in Bisexual on 2007-02-12 19:46:44

Romantically, men are far more exciting. Their bodies can yield the most extreme pleasures also I have found. I don't trust women enough to want them romantically much. They tend to have an agenda about everything they want to hide...men are more honest especially with other men.

First time I ever had sex with a man just felt so right, I couldn't let him go. We ended up trying everything we could! In the end, we both had to go back to our respective lives but now and then, we get together for some fun time. It just feels more relxed when we do it as opposed to hetero sex.

Posted in Bisexuality on 2006-06-17 08:21:16

This poll seems to be started by someone interested in answers but not yet able to phrase the proper questions. I would recommend looking over info from Kinsey and Klein on the Bisexuality subject. Try googling it and see what you get.

Posted in TATTOO,S on 2006-05-30 02:00:00

Wow...well I have three tattoos and that just sounds utterly STUPID! It reminds me of the episode of Miami Ink where some drunk guy comes in and keeps begging the guys to tattoo Elmer Fudd pointng a shotgun at his rectum on his buttcheek. Not only did they not want to tattoo some dummy while he's drunk, but the thought of shaving his hairy cheek let alone tattooing it made the guy ill. You need to seriously rethink this totally lame idea for a tattoo. All of mine mean something to me, something deep. If you don't do it for a real reason, you'll be removing it for a real reason. And dermal lasers hurt 20 times worse than an artists needle.

Posted in Lower Back Tattoos on Men on 2006-04-28 18:32:47

Only people with an honest appreciation for tattoos may post here. No shameless plugs for other polls or negative criticism...that stuff will be deleted. Immediately! AS I said, I know THAT puritanical point of view and opinion all too well.

Anyone else, leave your comments, please!

Posted in will all women be lesbians in the future? on 2005-02-11 01:40:54

Some of the lamest questions without all the options. Pigeon holes the pollster into voting at least somewhat towards your aim or simply doesn't vote at all, and reaches the same end result. YOu want a world with nothing but Saphic sex? Cool, take a cold shower and grow up. Is nothing less than all the other "Femal Superiority" polls on this website, just surrounded with lesbian questions.