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About Mister Poll

The Mister Poll web site was created in 1998 when one of our founders had a burning question she needed public opinion on in order to settle a bet. So, we created an online poll to let the people speak. The response was so great that we started inviting other people to create polls. Now nearly 10 years later, our users have created over 100,000 polls!

You can create polls on any subject. Polls may contain an unlimited number of questions of varying types. Plus, each poll gets its own free message forum.

We maintain a directory of the most interesting and topical polls for your general entertainment. None of these polls are "scientific", but do represent the collective opinion of everyone who participates. You can vote on any open poll.

You can also create private polls that you do not wish to appear in the directory. Create polls for your friends, family, customers, fraternity, etc. You can pass around a direct link to your poll or link to it from your own web site.