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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my poll showing a safe mode warning?
Any poll that has not been reviewed by Mister Poll will show this warning. Once we review your poll and are sure it's safe for a general audience, the warning will go away. Note that you must choose a directory category when launching your poll in order to have it reviewed.
How can I see the results for fill-in-the-blank and essay questions?
These results are only available to the poll owner. While logged into your Mister Poll account, visit your poll's result page. Click the link near the top that says, "download the results". This will include a full record of individual votes for all question types.
How do I get my poll added to the directory
When you launch your poll, be sure to select a directory category. Doing so will submit your poll for review. If your poll is approved, it will be included the Mister Poll directory, search engine, or both.
How long will it take for my poll to be reviewed?
The time can vary. It usually takes 1 to 2 days, but it can occasionally be longer than that. We do our best to keep up. Please be patient with us. You will receive an email when your poll has been reviewed. You can also check the status of your review at any time by viewing the Stats page for the launch that you submitted.
Why was my poll made limited interest?
A limited interest poll is one that was approved by our reviewers for inclusion in the Mister Poll search engine but not in the directory. This is usually done when the reviewer feels that the poll may be of interest to those specifically searching for a focused subject, but not to visitors browsing a broader directory category. We also often use this classification for polls that are specific to a very localized geographic area or have to do with a subject that's been saturated by a great number of other polls.
Why was my poll rejected?
We review every poll that is submitted, and we try our best to be fair, but not every poll is approved. If your poll is rejected, the email you received will normally contain a reason. After fixing the problem, you may resubmit your poll for just $0.99. You can also promote your poll outside of the Mister Poll web site. Share it via Facebook or Twitter. Pass it around to your friends and family. Spread the word!
My poll disappeared from the directory! What happened?
If you change your poll after it was approved, it will be removed from the directory. This is done to prevent somebody from creating an innocent poll, getting it approved, and then editing it to be something adult. When you are done updating your poll, you may submit it for review again for just $0.99.
How can I close my Mister Poll account?
You may either post your request on the official Mister Poll forum or email us directly. If your goal is elimite polls or messages that mention your name, please keep in mind that search engines such as Google will still cache their results for awhile even after the content is removed from Mister Poll.