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Girls who have humiliated boys

Pool teasing

Posted by miamidude on 2010-01-11 19:17:48

I've had an experience that was pretty humiliating. I'm a 15yr old guy, kinda small...about 5'2", 115 lbs. There's a big pool in our development, and I go there all the time.

One time I went with a friend (Mike)...he's 15 as well, but pretty big. His 13 yr old sister was at the pool too, with a couple of her friends. His sister (Sandy) is really pretty and sexy for a 13 yr old. She's bigger than me, about 5'8" and 135 lbs. She's very athletic, plays on the middle school volleyball team. She has strong arms and very muscular legs. Like I said, she's very sexy too......she has very large breasts (about grapefruit size). She was wearing a speedo type suit, so you could see all her curves.

She and her friends were playing keep away with a ball....and challenged me and her brother to play as well. It was 4 of them, and the two of us. We got another younger boy to play on our side as well.

Her friends mostly played close to Mike, since he was bigger and better looking than me....so I usually had to guard Sandy. But everytime the other girls threw the ball to her, she usually just held it up high and I couldn't get it. If Mike or the other kid threw the ball to me, she could either intercept it or wrestle it away from me.

One time they threw the ball to her, and I climbed up on her back to try to get it. I wrapped my legs around her waist and tried to grab the ball, but she still had it out of my reach. After a while of her teasing me.....holding it to where I could almost get it, then yanking it out of reach....she finally passed the ball to another girl.

She then put her hands on my legs and then kind of half-twisted me so that I was resting on her hip. I tried to get down, but she wouldn't let me go. She then put her hand under my butt, and reached the other across to my waist and then bounced me around a bit. She was carrying me like a mom carries a baby!

I tried to get down, but couldn't. I didn't struggle too much, because I didn't want to draw attention to the fact that I couldn't get down. She then started teasing me a bit, calling me her little boy and continuing to bounce me around. A couple times the other girls would throw her the ball, and she would catch it one handed....hold it out of my reach....and then pass it away.

I was now getting embarrassed that she could control me....so I started trying more and more to get away. By now, the other girls could see that I was trapped in Sandy's arms and started to yell comments at her.

By now, Sandy was carrying me on her hip all around the pool. Mike told his sister to put me down, but she just yelled back at him. The up and down motion on her hip started to get me hard and I tried to push away. I accidently pushed on one of her breasts.....it felt really firm. She told me that I shouldn't grab her, and that I was a naughty little boy. She told me if I grabbed her again, that she would spank me. I didn't want this to happen, so I made sure that I kept my hands away.

After a few more minutes, she shifted me a bit, so that now my front was facing her. Still with my legs around her waist, her hands under my butt....but now my $%!@ was against her stomach, and she had me in a bearhug position, so her chest was tightly against mine. Still bouncing me....so my $%!@ was really getting hard. She noticed it and was teasing me about how a younger girl was carrying an older boy and getting him turned on. She tickled me a bit, pinched my butt, and started feeling up my crack. At this point, I was rock hard, but couldn't do anything about it.

Sandy then told the others that we had to get out of the pool for a bit....she whispered in my ear that I was getting too excited and hot, and that I needed a cold shower.....so she was going to carry me into the girls locker room and give me one.

As much as I tried, I couldn't get away. I was humiliated letting this younger girl control me....but on the other hand, I was excited...big time. She actually carried me to the end of the pool, at the shallow end and carried me up the stairs. Just as she was ready to carry me into the girls locker room, the Lifeguard yelled at her and told her to put me down. She started to argue with him (still carrying and bouncing me), but the Lifeguard told her he'd kick her out of the pool if she didin't put me down right away.

So Sandy slowly let me slide down (making sure my $%!@ had contact all the way down) until my feet were finally on the ground. She continued her bear hug for a bit longer and then let me go...saying "There you go, sweety. Be careful". I wasn't sure if she was talking about how hard and excited I was, but I immediately ran into the boys locker room to get away from her. I was confused on how she could control me, but I sure liked the feeling.

I left the pool without seeing her again....but a couple days later she and I were at the pool at the same time and she took me further along in a similar adventure...

But thats a story for another day!

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