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Mixed wrestling complete poll

Losing a lot

Posted by astteam4 on 2013-01-31 20:01:35

Hi animal freak, i too have wrestled and fight so many smaller younger girls and lost. add me on astteam_4@yahoo.com if you want to chat and share stories about it with a guy who have taste the same defeat.

Posted by Slender Man on 2013-03-12 22:58:36

I lose a lot too against girls. I'm not a very good wrestler. I wrestle mostly with girls of my age, but I have also lost to younger girls (my sister f.e.). I'm not weak of something, because when I armwrestle the same girl, I normally win (unless she's very strong). I just lack skills and maybe stamina and/or speed too.

Posted by Slender Man on 2013-03-29 20:48:28

During sports today, I wrestled with 3 girls (one on one of course). I did quite well, won 2 matches, but lost one. The 2 girls I beat weren't really much of a challenge, one was 1 year younger and the other as old as me, but they were quite weak so I didn't had to give much effort to take them down. The last girl does athletics so she was quite fit, so I knew that it was going to be tough. She immediately grabbed me in a headlock and pinned me down. After 20 seconds, I could free myself and then the fight was very even. I was taking the upper hand and got her in some submission hold, but she always managed to get herself free. She was in better shape for me and that give her the victory in the end. She got on top of me and putted me in a Schoolgirl Pin. I was too tired to escape so I submitted. But I wasn't really ashamed of losing to her because she is quite strong have beaten guys before in wrestling. We agreed that we would maybe hold a rematch.

Posted by Forever Alone on 2013-04-01 22:21:16

I lost against a 15 year old girl (I'm 18)...I visitted my neighbour girl today and she said she wanted to wrestle. I accepted, because I thought it wouldn't be tough to beat her, but I had completely underestimated her. We locked our hands to begin and to my suprise, she forced me to my knees. She pushed me down, got on top of me and attempted a schoolgirl pin. I could avoid that, but she kept me under control and after some struggling, she was on top of me again and this time she could get me in a grapevine pin. I couldn't escape so I had to submit. 'Aren"t you 3 years older then me?', she said smiling. Because the match was short, we did another match. She grabbed me in a headlock and threw me on the ground. She holded me down and putted me in a chokehold. To finish me off a second time, she got me in an armbar until I gave up again. I couldn't accept that a younger girl was kicking my $%!@, so I got up to try a last time. She immediately had me down again with her on top. I tried to struggle, but she was just too strong for me so she could pin me with a schoolgirl pin before she started rubbing her butt in my face. She stood up to put her foot in my face and she kissed her biceps. It was a very humiliating but on the other hand I was quite suprised because she was just a lot stronger then me.

Posted by Forever Alone on 2013-04-02 22:19:47

I've regained my pride a little by beating her. In the beginning of our fight, she was again dominating me and she almost made me submit a number of times, but I could always escape from the holds and eventually I overpowered her and pinned her down. This evening, I wrestled also with my sister but (like always), I was no match for her.