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Female Wrestling

Mary vs Joanna !!!

Posted by Sofie85 on 2009-09-09 18:25:02

Mary finished moving the last of the furniture out of the way and stood back to assess the space she had gained. "Should be a big enough area for wrestling," she said to herself. Her guest would be arriving in about an hour which gave her enough time to go upstairs and get ready. She stripped off her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. "Nice $%!@," she said out loud, admiring her nicely rounded bottom. With an allover tan and shoulder length hair, the 35-year-old brunette was stunning. Selecting a shiny black bikini that barely contained her 36d breasts, she was quickly ready and decided to relax before her guest arrived. The sound of a car pulling up on her drive alerted Mary to the arrival of her guest. Slipping a short silk robe over her bikini, she went down stairs. Glancing through the door glass, she opened the door before the blonde standing on the porch could ring the bell. "Hi Jo. Ready for a thrashing?" "In your dreams," replied the gorgeous blonde smiling. Mary led Joanna into the living room which she had almost completely cleared of furniture. "Do you want to go upstairs to change?" "No need," said Joanna, as she kicked of her shoes and stripped quickly out of her skirt and sweater. Joanna had come prepared and was wearing a bright yellow bikini which was straining to hold her 39-27-40 curves, wisps of dark hair peeping out from the vee of her yellow briefs giving lie to the blonde hair on her head. Two inches taller than Mary at 5-9, and around ten pounds heavier. Mary looked her opponent over realising as she did so that she could be in for a tough match. "We might as well start then," said Mary, shrugging her shoulders and letting her robe fall to the floor, "best of five submissions or long pins no time limit, okay with you?" "Fine," said Joanna, suddenly leaping forward and taking Mary down to the carpet with a head lock and coming to rest laying across her body. Caught cold by Joanna's sneaky strike and winded by her impact with the floor, Mary could do little to break free. Joanna shifted her weight slightly, to further stifle Mary's attempts to break free of the crushing head lock. Flat on her back with her face buried between Jo's $%!@ and all of the blonde's weight pinning her to the floor, Mary resorted to grabbing at Joanna's hair. Pulling the blonde's head back by her shoulder length tresses only made Jo squeeze even harder and completely smother her face with her 39 inch breasts. "I give," called Mary, her voice barely audible. She released Joanna's hair and banged hard on the carpet, to make sure that Jo understood. Reluctantly Joanna let go of Mary and rolled away from her. They both climbed to their feet. "I was told you were a sneaky bitch," Mary said ruefully, as she stood up rubbing her neck and taking deep breaths. "You should have believed it," grinned Joanna, "when you're ready then." The two bikini clad beauties squared off, this time circling warily and each looking for an opening. Finally they locked fingers, Mary pushed Joanna's arms upwards and they struggled with their breasts crushed together. Mary forced her knee between Jo's shapely legs and hooking her foot around the back of the blonde's ankle tripped her and sent them both tumbling to the floor. Landing on top of Joanna she tried to pin the blonde's shoulders to the floor, but Jo had other ideas and wrapping her powerful legs around Mary's narrow waist she began to squeeze. Forced to give up her idea of gaining a pin by the sudden and crushing pressure of Jo's legs. Mary dug her feet into the deep pile of the carpet and drove her legs upwards, lifting Joanna's body up off the floor whilst still holding her arms stretched out above her head. Joanna still maintained her scissors and was only forced to break it when Mary stood upright. As Joanna stood up Mary slipped behind her and quickly got her in a full nelson. Pushing Jo's neck forward hard, Mary took a breather she knew she could keep Jo in the hold indefinitely but she also knew she had little chance of gaining a submission with the nelson alone. Having got her breath back Mary released the full nelson and she leapt back as Jo sprang round to face her. Locking fingers again they clashed in the middle of the room, this time Joanna tried to trip Mary to the floor. As they went down the brunette twisted her body sharply and managed to come down on top of Joanna. Still gripping Jo's hands she wriggled her self into a position astride the blonde's chest and this time, well clear of her dangerous legs. Joanna placed her feet flat on the floor and using all strength arched her back in well executed bridge. Mary had been expecting this and let her self slide off of Jo's chest and finish with her knees either side of Joanna's head, the shiny black material of her bikini briefs pressing down on the blondes face. The scent of Mary's femininity filled Jo's nostrils as she struggled to breathe and she resigned herself to having to submit. "Mmmphmm," came the muffled sound of Joanna's submission. "Didn't quite catch that honey?" said Mary grinding her crotch into Jo's face, before lifting herself up enough for Joanna to speak. "I give!" blurted out Joanna, anxious to put an end to the smothering hold. Mary jumped up leaving a flushed and panting Joanna lying on the floor. Joanna stood up slowly her eyes never leaving Mary. "Ready?" asked Mary, stepping towards the middle of the room, Joanna nodded and moved forward. The two women were covered with a fine sheen of perspiration, which now made obtaining a good grip much harder. With their fingers locked they struggled each trying to trip the other. Neither of them could get the upper hand, they broke away from each other and circled cautiously Joanna suddenly faked a move towards Mary's head. As the brunette tried to fend off Jo's hands, Jo ducked low and brought her to the floor with a rugby style tackle low around the legs. Back on the floor they scrambled for a hold. Mary found herself underneath Joanna, but denied the blonde a pin by trapping Joanna's legs with her own and preventing her from bringing all her weight into play. Straining to get a decent hold they rolled across the carpet first one seeming to get an advantage then the other. Once again they parted. Both women came up onto their knees and looked into each other's eyes for a sign of weakness. Strands of hair were stuck to both their faces, Mary brought her hand up to her face to push a strand of hair away from her eyes. In the fraction of a second that Mary had taken her eyes off Joanna she pounced. Springing from her kneeling position she grabbed Mary round the neck and forced her onto her belly. Mary was surprised by Joanna's speed, especially so far into a very close fought match. Joanna slipped into position astride Mary's back and changed her grip on Mary's head, locking her fingers around the brunette's chin. "Aarrgh!" Mary cried out as Joanna pulled back hard, "I give! I give!" Joanna released her camel clutch and stood up. Mary stayed down on the floor fighting back tears of pain and rubbing her neck. "Damn it!" she thought to herself, "twice she has jumped me when I wasn't ready and she has forced me to give." She started to stand, still rubbing her neck and annoyed at with herself at being caught. Before Mary had fully stood up, the sneaky blonde was on her again taking her back down to the mat and knocking the wind out of her. Struggling for breath and flat on her back, Mary was powerless to prevent the big blonde from sitting astride her chest. Instead of going for the pin which was hers for the taking, Joanna slid into position over Mary's face. Still winded Mary fought desperately to unseat Joanna but her struggles were fruitless. Joanna lowered her crotch onto Mary's face smothering her nose and mouth, she held this position for about thirty seconds before lifting slightly to allow Mary to catch her breath. Sucking in a great gulp of air, Mary renewed her writhing and bucking but couldn't dislodge the blonde. "Give up?" asked Joanna. "NO! Never!" Mary gasped her reply. "Okay then." Joanna pressed the vee of her yellow bikini against the brunette's face again. As Mary's resistance subsided, Joanna lifted herself up a second time. "Give?" she asked again. "Noo!" came the hissed reply. "Very well then. If that's the way, you want it." Joanna ground her crotch into Mary's face. Gradually Mary became still, as deprived of air her muscles could no longer respond to the commands from her brain. Joanna raised herself a third time. "Give?" too tired and without enough breath to answer the brunette feebly nodded her head. An almost equally tired but triumphant Joanna climbed off of Mary and rolled onto her back to catch her breath. Mary lay next to her already plotting her revenge.

Posted by Robert green on 2016-02-14 12:06:56

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