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spank fight

attire for match?

Posted by somebodyelse on 2013-05-01 12:08:22

Should they (A) wrestle nude, (B) wear jockstraps so they're still unprotected from spanking as soon as they're pinned on their stomach, or (C) wear shorts and/or underwear so their opponent has to get it down before starting the spanking?

Also, should the winner be limited to holding the loser down, or is he allowed to tie him down so there's no hope of escape and he can spank him at leisure?

And for all of you who did this poll, if YOU were the one wrestling one of them, would you be hoping to win or lose?

Posted by spanking_raynbow on 2013-07-21 23:48:44

To the first part C To the second part they can be tied down To the 3rd part depends on who it is

Posted by somebodyelse on 2013-09-13 14:47:40

Have you actually done this? And who would you WANT it to be for each answer to the third part?

Posted by somebodyelse on 2013-10-08 15:17:29

So if it depends on who it is, who would you want to beat? And, knowing what happens to the loser, who would you want to beat you?

Posted by spanking_raynbow on 2013-10-08 20:42:44

I would love to beat any of them and give them a good paddling! As far as them paddling me Bieber maybe