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Melissa Giraldo vs.

melissa/ivanka vs kardashians

Posted by dangerfan on 2013-12-31 20:43:51

A brilliant matchup!

You'd think this would be a walk in the park for the Kardashian girls, but not so. Melissa and Ivanka are both super fit with plenty of stamina for a long fight. But they have had only limited experience in the ring. While Kim, despite her thick physique, is quite fit and strong after her intense workout regimen, her sisters Khloe and Kourtney are out of shape, have a low tolerance for pain, and are almost totally inept in the ring. Kim has had a few matches, but relies on her sisters to 'get their licks in' while the ref isn't watching. This is the first time the sisters will have to work as an in ring team.

Melissa and Ivanka are in the ring in contrasting but colorful sports bras and leggings. The Kardashians are dressed to intimidate in matching black unitards. Melissa and Ivanka hope to make sure there is only one Kardashian in the ring at one time. Their numerical superiority could thwart whatever other advantages Melissa and Ivanka might have. So divide and conquer is their strategy. Kim hopes to take Ivanka out of the equation as soon as possible; she is not worried about Melissa. She will try to draw Ivanka into the ring, letting her wear herself out, while keeping Khloe out of the action and keep her fresh so, at the right moment, Khloe can finish off the blonde Amazon.

But things go awry for the Kardashians from the opening bell. Kourtney goes out first against Melissa. But the athletic Ms. Giraldo tosses Kourtney around the ring with hiptoss after hiptoss. Kourtney is confused and can't even think to get back toward her corner. When Melissa hits Kourtney with two dropkicks in a row, Kourtney just groans on the mat. Ivanka runs out to run interference against Kim, who tries to pull Melissa off her sister, but Melissa pulls a shapely leg up and pins the hapless Kourtney. Melissa gives Kourtney a kick to the rear end as she rolls out of the ring. Melissa and Ivanka high five each other as they have evened the odds in barely a minute.

An eye rake from Kim slows Melissa down and Kim punishes her, double-teaming her in the corner. But Melissa is still fast and not tired and punches her way out of the corner, tagging Ivanka in. Ivanka takes it to Kim, eventually using her long legs to foot choke the shapely but shorter girl in the corner. Khloe finally figures out to help her sister and attacks Ivanka and the two big girls brawl in the ring. With a little help from Kim, Khloe pins Ivanka, but as soon as Khloe gets back to her feet, a missile drop kick by Melissa puts Khloe down for the count.

It is now Kim one on one against Melissa. Melissa wins a fingerlock test of strength, but Kim cleverly pulls Melissa down face first into her famous Kardashian cleavage. Kim rolls Melissa onto her back and slides her butt forward, so Melissa's athletic legs can't get at her. It is all over except the screaming as poor Melissa finally passes out under Kim almost inescapable finisher.

Kim stands in the ring triumphant, putting her foot on Melissa's face just to show off. But she and her sisters took a beating, even with a 3-2 advantage. Kim knew she would have to kick her sisters' $%!@ to get them more ring ready if they were ever going to dominate women's wrestling like she planned!

Posted by wrectoplasm on 2014-01-02 00:02:15

Nice write-up!