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Extended well-child and well teen physicals

Boy with school class, 11yo, No Am, exams and tests through all body openins

Posted by Aquila on 2023-10-29 10:51:13

Boy with school class, 11yo, North America, Inspection and probes through all body openings

I am male. It happened in North America, before 1970, 11 year old. My parents received a letter explaining when the exam would take place and that it would be at the public school I attended. I went there alone by myself, at a special medical room in the school apart from the nurse's office. It happened all children in my school of the age group.

I walked to school because our house was two blocks away from there. The exam was in a a room specially set up for the exams. Every child in my grade level was examined.


I was totally naked through all the procedures. I had to strip totally naked before the exam. They placed me upon a simple examination table. I was placed to lay on my back with steight legs.

I did not get any anesthesia. For most of the examination I was on the exam table on my back. During the exam there were some times when we had to change positions including standing.


They performed an analysis of my breathing and oxygen uptake where I had to breath into a tube.

They had electrodes at my genitals to record functions in this area.


They ispected the inside of my nose with a scope.

They inspected the inside of my throat with a scope. They inspected the inside of my urethra and bladder with a scope. They took specimens from my urethra with a tube.

They inspected my anus with a speculum. They took specimens from my anus with a tube.

They inspected me through my anus with a rigid scope. They inspected me through my anus high up with a flexible scope.

They performed a full colonoscopy with a flexible scope. The doctor explored my anus with a finger.

They used some kind of scope to examine every body opening which included our ears.

They took many kinds of specimans using tubes, sticks, and cups for catching urine. They used various kinds of things to probe inside openings and to collect specimans.

They inserted fingers in our mouths, anus, and, for the girls, vaginas.


Some other type of arrangements. After the exam we had to sit until everyone was examined and we were told that this was just a program to protect our well being. Then we were able to put back on our clothes and we went back to our classroom for the rest of the day.

The procedure lasted most of the morning to get everyone examined. Our teachers were present in case there were any behavior problems. At the end of the day we all went home as usual.


The school I went to was just an public school in a school district. There was nothing special about our school."


This is a comprehensive standardized exam that some societies around the globe do to all kids or a representative collection of kids.

The purpose is to know everything about the health and development of the kids.

Many societies also do it to all kids that they worry about for whatever reason.

This exam program began in the mid 1950es and still continues even more than before, but has beeen gradually modernixed.

These examination programs seem to be internationally managed with the purpose of collectiing data about health and development of kids worldwide.

What is described here as a full colonoscopy is most probably some type of advanced tube to collect specimens of secretions or bowel content or for manometric measurements to test bowel reactions, since the colonoscopes as used today were hardly invented at that time.

I guess that the kids had got some laxatives to use at home and not allowed to eat for some time before the exam to make their bowels empty even though it is not told.

I also think that the kids got some sedative medication before the exam and strong laxatives into the intimate openings with a tube, and that they were kept there until this medication had worm out.