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Boarding school & balls

What's up with American Catholic boys?

Posted by fdostoevski on 2016-10-07 05:28:07

What is wrong with American Catholic boys? Catholic boys report seeing boys completely incapacitated by strikes to the groin for up to 3 hours compared to a maximum of 45 minutes for non-Catholics. While blows to the balls are also ubiquitous at non-Catholic schools, these boys are 5 times as likely to report short term pain only. Nutshots at Catholic schools are 50% more likely to cause the boy to barf, twice as like to cause bruising or swelling and 15 TIMES as likely to require medical attention!

Posted by Drice1574 on 2022-06-06 14:25:55

A boy 11 at my school got balled by a older boy 15 he was in agony when we got to him we to his dorm room . He was vomiting in to a bin . We took his trousers and briefs down and his balls were swollen . We went and got our head who got a nice pack and said it had to stay on his bals for a hour so I put the ice pack in his briefs and sat with him till he felt better the next day he showed us his balls they looked black and swollen but the pain was not as bad