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Groin Injuries and Prevention

Non-contact sports

Posted by mbc7805 on 2016-04-16 02:29:11

At least one person voted that a jockstrap and a cup are the same thing... I think a lot of people only think you need to protect yourself for contact sports. Wearing a jockstrap for support is one area where boys and men need a lot more education. Testicular torsion is scary stuff, and it's most common when boys are developing - back when I wore BOXERS to gym class. Girls are wearing sports bras, it's the same idea for a guy.

Whether it's gym class, running, whatever, wearing a jock really needs to be a must, especially in younger guys. Even in ballet, boys and men wear a dance belt, to hold things in as tight as possible. So wise up, and strap up!

Posted by bluerhino3254 on 2016-04-28 02:35:49

Your so true about the support needed for non contact sports also. I did/still do ballet as a kid and was subjected to a dancebelt and tights for class and whatnot. For those who dont know what a dancebelt is. It makes a jockstrap like a bra for girls and a dancebelt is a sports bra for men. It makes sure nothing moves and everything is up front and center all by thong tension. WhenI would randomly practice sometimes at home I would be like oh that's why I have to wear one. For track I had to wear those short shorts and let's just say that groin In men like to wing and a runners jock solved that issue. No problems for swimming speedos work wonders . If guys weren't embarrassed to show off there package then they will protect themselves.