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Groin Injuries and Prevention

Protective cups o not protect against the most common groin injuries

Posted by Aquila on 2016-05-03 17:36:52

The most common cause of groin injuries are too hard strain on the groin from too hard muscle usage, too hard stretching and squeezing clothes.

I think all top athletes endure groin injury from these causes. Traditional protecting devices easily rub a lot against the thighs and can cause injuries in fact, but maybe some new ultralight constructions do not have this problem and can be used even for running.

Posted by mbc7805 on 2016-05-12 01:56:33

Protective cups are important for contact sports, but impact injuries aren't the only thing to watch out for. Testicular torsion can be extremely serious, enough to require major surgery or possibly lose a testicle. Even if a sport doesn't involve contact, it's important to wear a jock, especially during puberty. Jockstraps (the non-cup kind) pull everything in as tight as possible, so you don't bounce around. Teen guys are at the highest risk, as things are growing and devloping. I wore boxers to gym class because nobody had told me otherwise. Knowing the risks, I should have been strapping up.

Posted by bike 101 on 2019-06-07 05:34:37

Hi MBC7805.

I firmly believe that Boys should start young as they want to play sports or do sport activities like snow boarding Cups inside a jockstrap not compression shorts or the new jockbriefs for the youth. iam 60 and still strapped

Paul . a concerned uncle for the future youth