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Boys at Boarding Schools

American boys have less $%!@ and often broken balls

Posted by fdostoevski on 2020-05-27 17:59:10

According to these results most boys at most boarding schools in America report the MAJORITY of their schoolmates are circumcised. A quarter report all are. This is two and three times respectively the numbers for other countries! One in five America boys believes he has a classmate with a broken nut which is over twice that average for outside the USA. Boys outside the USA are more than five times as likely to not know of a case of a boy being injured in this way.

Posted by larrymartin1job on 2023-12-13 07:02:01

The statistics on circumcision and injury awareness among boys in American boarding schools versus those outside the USA are quite staggering highlighting a significant cultural difference in experiences and perceptions. Best Kitchen Renovation Services in Honolulu county Hawaii