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Bedwetting stories

our bedwetter club

Posted by chloe13 on 2018-03-05 06:51:22

I never dared me to do sleepovers cause im a bedwetter and need diapers. I always wanted to, though but always was afraid that i was the only one and my secret came out. My mom knew that and so she asked all her friends with daughters if any of their girls are bedwetters too.

One day she surprised me and told me i will have a sleepover the next weekend. I was totaly shocked and allmost cried, asked why she could do that to me and that i would die in embarassment if someone founds out. But she just told me that it will be okay since my guests are bedwetters too.

So i meet my new friends the next weekend. Stacy is 12 and she brought goodnites to sleep and Allison is only 9 and still gets pampers. We had so much fun and it was so cool not to care about the bedwetting and asking the other girls out about there experiences.

Now we allready had 4 sleepovers together and meanwhile our group also got a new member, her name is Anna and is allready 15, so Im not even the oldest anymore!

I made this account to share our experiences, so if there is anything you wanna know just ask

Posted by sirknight on 2018-04-30 19:56:14

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