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Bedwetting stories

stupid sleepover

Posted by ninagirl on 2022-03-30 09:43:03

hello im a 14 year old grl and last weekend i had a really stupid and embarassing sleepover :/ i dont know with whom i can talk toabout so i write here

So i was invited for a sleepover party from a classmate and there where 3 other girls the host an me. It was just my second sleepover ever because i was a frequent bedwetter for a long time but it got so much better in the last 2 years and so i finaly i was confident enough to go but that was a mistake and i thik i will never ever do a sleepover ever again! :( its because i had an accident!! :(( i woke up i the middle of night copletly soaked pajamas and the sleepig mat i didnt knew what dto do so i woke up the host and told her and she just screamed "wow really?!" and turned on the light and everyone else woke up to and they laughed and said its disgusting and i made the room smell like pee i was so ashamed and embarassed and cried and the the host got her mom. I really hoped she would made it all better and she told the others to mock me but she also told everyone that she knew from my mom that i had these problem for a long time and that im maybe not ready for a sleepover with big girls (she really said that!) She then send me to the bathroom to wait wheile she would put away the wet mat and blanket. When she came to me to the bathroom i was still in the wet pajamas cause i was still so shocked and unable to take it off she helped me and wiped me clean. Then she left me and now it came to the worst part. I was now waiting naked in the bathroom and when she came back, she told me she had in her other daughters bedroom who is only 8 and she had woken her up to ask her if she would be okay for her that i would share the bed with her for the rest of the night..and she got nightgown and a diaper from her (shes a bedwetter) So i got the diaper and nightgown on and was put into the bed with the younger sister which i barely knew before. But she was kinda nice and said that its okay and she kinda is happy because she also never had someone to sleepover before. Then she quickly fall aslepp again.

In the next morning her mom woke us up again i was still dry but the little sister was not, so she got changed by her mom. I didnt dare to face the other girls my age in this morning so i stayed with her in the room all morning and didnt even joined them for breakfast and was just waiting for my parents to pick me up.

This was last weekend and since then i havent been to school but i soon have to again and im so worried everyone will make fun of me :((