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Protection from the evil eye

Posted by albertcooley0871 on 2024-03-12 15:42:52

What are the best crystals and/or amulets for protection against people plotting harm against you, energy vampires, negativity, and evil eye?

Posted by PaulaWilkins on 2024-03-12 16:30:20

Hello. Going to the Furzan website, I discovered many interesting options for crystals and amulets that promise to help in this matter. From all the variety of choices, I paid attention to taweez. This unique amulet is a powerful means of protection and well-being, based on ancient traditions and knowledge. According to the information on the website, tauiz is not just a decoration, but also an effective talisman that protects its owner from evil influences, negativity and plans for harm. I believe in the power of symbols and the energy contained in this amulet, and I am sure that it will help both me and you maintain harmony and protect yourself from any negative influences.

Posted by BrianTownsend on 2024-03-13 11:13:18

To protect against negativity and evil intentions, I use several crystals and amulets. First of all, my main amulet is black tourmaline. It is known for its ability to reflect negative energy and create a protective barrier around me. In addition, I also wear amethyst, a stone that helps protect me from energy vampires and the evil eye. Its ability to cleanse and calm the energy field makes it ideal for protection against harmful influences.