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When is too old to still have a babysitter?

My Family

Posted by jamesbreitbart on 2023-03-11 02:18:59

I had babysitters until I was about ten or so, after which I was responsible for watching my younger siblings when my parents went out. Obviously it depends on the individual child, but I think a single child should usually be able to be responsible for themselves around age 8.

Posted by thewadzee on 2023-03-11 08:29:28

G. im assuming you are a boy. how many younger siblings do you have and also how did you convince your parents you didnt need a babysitter anymore?

Posted by jamesbreitbart on 2023-05-18 22:58:51

Two, a brother and sister. I didn't really need to convince my parents, they just decided I was old enough to take over baby-sitting duties.