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Classmates in the change room

at our pool we have 4 change rooms

Posted by Megan13 on 2003-07-04 03:41:43

Hi. This is a pretty interesting poll and..ummm..I think the results are kinda surprising. I read most of the messages and it's amazing at how different the rulez at the poolz are!! : ) I don't know if anyone else's pool is like ours.

I'm a girl and am almost 14. I guess I'm only 13 and a half because my birthday is in december. I really like swimming and sometimes I go with my friends to the public pool but most of the time I go to our club. Having a birthday near christmas isn't much fun because sometimes you get ripped off. My mom and dad always make sure we get separate gifts but my nana and grampa aren't. I have a twin brother and a younger sister. You wouldn't believe the stupid questions people ask us because we are twins. My favorite one is when people ask us if we're identical. Duhhhh! He's a boy and I'm a girl. Sheesh!!

At our Y there are 4 changing rooms: adult men....adult women...youth boys.....and youth girls. Nobody under 18 is ever allowed in the adult change rooms..I've still never been in there but I hear it's really cool because they have a sauna and stuff. Dads with kids 8 and under have to use the boys change room even if their kids are girls. Moms with kids 8 and under have to use the girls change room even if all their kids are boys. Our pool rules say that all kids under 8 and under have to be supervised by a parent or guardian even in the change rooms. They allow kids up to nine years old to use either change room but it's up to their parents discression. Our club is usually very busy and on friday nights and weekends sometimes it's impossible to even find a locker...when that happens we usually just put our bags on the pool deck and hope nobody takes our stuff.

Because of the rules unless their mom is there then dads have to take their girls into the boys change room. Unless their dads are there then moms have to take their boys into the girls change room. Seeing other kids naked is normal. Sometimes we even saw other kids from school that we knew. My mom works shift work all the time so sometimes she can't come swimming with us. Usually just my dad takes us swimming, but if my dad is away on business then just my mom takes us. Sometimes we all go swimming together though.

When I was younger I had to go in to the boys change room with my brother and sister and dad. Now when my dad takes us I go to the girls change room and my dad and brother and little sister go to the boys locker room. When only my mom took us then my brother had to come into the girls change room with my mom and sister and me. There are always lots of boys in the girls change room and lots of girls in the boys change room though. It takes a while.. believe me..... but you get used to it.

When we first joined the Y my brother and I had just turned 7. I remember being really scared and worried the first few times I had to go to the boys change room that someone might watch me when I took off my clothes and especially when I had to take off my panties. Then I remember looking around and being kinda surprised that nobody was staring at me. I wasn't the only girl there so I guess everybody was kinda used to it. When my mom took us, sometimes my brother would take way too long to get changed because he was looking around at everybody else.

There are some cubicles over by the showers for changing but almost nobody ever uses those. I did one time but it's dumb because you have to take your shoes off at the door to the change room and then walk all the way across the wet floor to get to the cubicles and your feet get really wet and then it's hard to get your pants off. And then you have to carry all your clothes back to a locker anyways. One time I saw a boy take off his shoes and socks and pants at the door and then walk all the way across the change room in his underwear to go to the cubicle to change. Ha ha ha. Almost everybody just changes at the bench in front of their locker.

When I used to go into the boys change room I always saw lots of boys.....both younger and older than me. I saw their dads too. Remember that you have to be 18 or older to go to the adult change room so even high school guys were in there changing and showering. Most dads aren't shy at all and walk around with no clothes on a lot. Our dad is like that too. I saw lots of naked guys in there but it was no big deal after a while.

I used to see lots of boys and girls from our class in the change rooms. I remember we had only been going there for a couple of weeks and I was still getting used to it but then I was freaking out because two boys from our class at school were standing almost right beside me when we were getting changed. I was really nervous too and I was going to go change in the cubicle but someone was already using them and we were in a hurry because our swimming classes were starting soon. My dad was telling me to be quick or we would be late. I changed in front of boys a few times before but this was the first time it was anybody I knew from school. I guess the boys from our class had been going there longer than me because they didn't act weird or anything. They just changed their clothes like everything was normal and were even talking to my brother and me while we were all changing. I guess I wasn't as nervous after that.

One time in the first couple of weeks of going to the club a girl from our school was there with her older sister. She wasn't in our class but she was in our grade and both of our classes had phys ed together so I knew her pretty well. Her sister was in grade 4. I don't know if my brother had a crush on her or what but he was really scared about having to put his swimsuit on in the same room as her but he did it anyways. He was acting really nervous though.

The showers in the boys change room at our pool is just one big room with bright lights and shower heads on the wall. The shower room in the girls chang room is pretty much the same but it has a couple of shower stalls with curtains but they're usually very busy so I almost always just use the main area.

Some of the older teenagers keep their swimsuits on for their showers after swimming but some don't. Almost all the parents take their swimsuits off when they shower and they usually make their kids have real showers too. My mom and dad always have real showers and always made my brother and me and my sister have them too. Sometimes I got nervous when there were alot of boys around in the showers but most of the time I was ok because there were usually other girls there. Considering how often we went to the pool my brother and I saw lots of boys and girls that we went to school with in the changing room and in the showers. Some of them always kept their swimsuits on in the showers and just rinsed off. Sometimes I tried to wash myself as fast as I could and sometimes even had races with my brother to see who could finish first. But then my dad said that we did a shoddy job and we had to shower all over again but do it right.

Of course by the time we turned nine we were almost half way through grade 4. That's when I got to go to the girls change room by myself when only my dad took us, and when my brother didn't get to come into the girls change room any more. I'm sure he would give his right arm to be allowed in to the girls change room now. Ha ha. Too bad for him.

Now that I'm older, I still usually have a real shower with soap and shampoo and I also use hair conditioner too. I hate smelling like chloreine and I don't want my hair to turn green. A girl at our school who is on the school swim team actaully had her blonde hair turn green. Not a bright lime green, but a bit greenish. It didn't look good and I never want green hair. There are still lots of boys in the change room and showers but I'm never nervous any more. I usually have a nice long shower after swimming and I don't care if some little boy in grade 3 or 4 sees my body. There are lots of other girls to look at too.

I guess I'm not very shy either because now after I shower and dry off I stand at the sink rinse out my swimsuit to get the swimming pool smell out. Then I do my hair and then I carry my towel and stuff while I walk to my locker. I know that some boys and even some of the younger girls look at me but it doesn't really matter anyways. I don't think I would want to change in the boys locker room now of course but when I was younger it was ok. I certainly got to see my share of boys and teenagers without their clothes on and they weren't shy around me. I feel really good about myself and if I acted like I was ashamed then the younger kids might feel that way about themselves too. I'm not the only naked person on the change room and in fact there are always lots. Besides I think if there is a place to be naked then the change room is probably it. : )

Cya later, Meg

Posted by sk8rmadman on 2003-07-07 09:04:58

Hi Meg,

I just turned 14 years old and I'm a guy and have been swimming for as long as I can remember and I hope to be a lifeguard someday. Our club is similar to yours I guess. We also have the same four locker rooms that you do and I've never seen the inside of the men's room yet. Soon though. I'm still plotting my attack. LOL. When I was younger I almost always had to go in the girl's locker room with my Mother and Sister. My Mother and Father were divorced when I was about four and I usually only get to see him ever second weekend. My Mother always takes me swimming. After I turned ten I got to go in to the male youth locker room by myself though.

Our pool requires naked showers before swimming because of the state health laws or something. I have no idea why though. All I know is that everyone has a naked shower and has to use soap before going into the pool and it has been like that forever. Our shower rooms are like the pool you go to...just a big bright room with lotsa showers on the walls. Stalls? what are those??? LOL.

Most people just change out of their clothes and wrap themselves in a towel and carry their swimming suit to the showers and some people just walk around naked all the time. After they shower they put their swimming suit on and go out to the pool. After swimming almost everyone has a shower and washes their hair and almost everyone takes off their swimming suit. I was reading that in some places most people shower with their swimming suits on and don't use soap or shampoo or anything and that just seems weird. Why even have showers then?

I guess I was never very shy. My Sister is two years older than me and our we live in a small apartment that only has one bathroom. When everybody is rushing around in the morning before school its much faster to have your shower while somebody else is doing their hair or whatever and usually the water in the shower just keeps going. My Mother says there's no way she's going to let my Sister and me waste enough time in the morning and make her late for work. Almost every morning when we are getting ready I see either my Mother or my Sister getting in the shower or getting out of the shower. Normally I am very tired in the morning so I am usually last to get in and my Mother gets in to the shower first and then my Sister gets in after her. Sometimes I yell at my Sister to hurry up or I'm going to be late and as she gets out I get in right after her. Sometimes I get up a bit early and get in to the bathroom before her so then I get into the shower right after my Mother but then when I'm getting out then my Sister is getting in. Of course I see my Sister naked all the time. It's normal for everybody to be crowded around the bathroom sink with me brushing my teeth and Mother doing her makeup and my Sister doing her hair with her curling iron. I really wish we had three bathrooms!!! As my Mother says you do what you gotta do.

Now that I think of it I did see lots of my girl schoolmates in the locker room when I was younger. Especially when I went in the girls locker room with my Mother which was most of the time. There were three girls in my class that took the same swimming lessons as I and went swimming all the time too. I think we had lessons two or three days a week or something...but I can't remember now. We were sorta frinds and we usually got our lockers right beside each other and changed and showered at the same time. We saw each other naked all the time. There were a bunch of other kids in our swimming lessons too and there were other boys that had to change in the girls locker room. There were a few girls that always had to change in the boys change room though too because their mom was always working and their dad took them to their lessons.

I can't remember feeling awkward though. Everybody just changed out of their clothes and had a shower. OK so nobody had any clothes on for their shower...so what! I know my schoolmates in my swimming lessons saw me naked lotsa times and I saw them too but I think we were all fine with it. There is the odd girl that freaked when they had to undress when boys were around but I didn't really know them. After the first few times they disn't seem to be bothered much anymore and they became regulars at the pool and weren't shy either.

Now that I only go to the boys change room I never see any of my girl classmates anymore. Heh heh...too bad. I still see lots of younger girls (up to grade 2 or 3 or maybe grade 4) all the time when they are there with their Dads though. Some of the younger girls go to my school and it's funny when we see each other at school because I know they've seen me completely naked and I've seen them too. Its even weirder when we see each other later the same day in the locker room and we are all still wearing the same clothes from school. A few times we have had lockers near each other and we've even talked to each other while changing. Even though they're way too young for me I admit that I still check them out to see their underwear and what they look like without their clothes on and I try to imagine what they'll look like in 5 years. I have seen them looking at me too but that's ok. One of the girls doesn't have any brothers and is probably just curious what boys look like naked.

I also walk around naked alot in the locker room and I don't really care who sees me. The other guys wouldn't be looking anyways and if the girls want to look well I don't care. Besides swimming is fun anyways. Who cares about what happens in the locker room or the showers?


Sk8boarding rocks!!!

Posted by Lilo15 on 2003-08-07 01:16:26

Hi Meg,

Our pool is like yours. We have four change rooms and you have to be 18 to go in the adult ones. I'm a 15 year old girl and I swim alot. Our pool is a short drive from my house so sometimes I take the bus and swim after school when I don't have too much homework to do. I always use the youth girls change room now but when I was younger and my dad took us we had to go in the youth boys room with him. At our pool kids under 10 have to be supervised by siblings over 15 or a parent. I don't have an older sister or brother so my little sister – she is 11 now - and I always had to be with mom or dad. We go by ourselves now though.

After swimming we always take shampoo and soap with us so we can have showers. I laughed when I read about the girl at your school that got green hair because my aunt got green hair once and I do not want that to happen to me but I think it would be funny if it happened to my sister. We both have light blonde hair so I guess green hair could happen. I haven't seen anyone with green hair though except this guy at our school who died his green on purpose with jello or something.

We never see any boys from our classes at school in the locker room any more of course. There are almost always some younger boys though. We regularly see boys with their moms in our change room that are maybe in grade 3 or 4 that go to her school. I'm in high school now and they're just little kids anyways. It seems to bother my sister more than it bothers me but maybe that is because they are closer to her age than mine and they see her in the hall at school. I just change my clothes and shower and pretend that they aren't even there. My sister often tries to turn sideways when she's changing so the boys don't see anything. I keep telling her that it isn't something to worry about anyways.

After swimming almost everyone at our pool takes off their swimsuit in the showers. We do have a couple of shower stalls but when it gets busy nobody bothers waiting for them. It's mostly girls and their moms anyways and sometimes there might be a few boys there. I guess everyone is used to them by now.

We moved to this city when we were younger. It was winter time and I was in grade 3 and my sister was in kindergarden. I hated being the new kid at school because I didn't know anybody. We went to this pool a couple of times with our mom and she took us into the girls change room of course. The first time I saw a boy in there I think I screamed out loud. He wasn't from my school or anything but I didn't think any boys were supposed to be there. I think he was maybe a year younger than me. I was still wearing my clothes and he had just taken off his shirt. My mom tried to shut me up and put her hand over my mouth and told me to be quiet. She told me that at this pool sometimes we would see boys in there just like sometimes dad will take us when she has to work and then my sister and me would be in the boys room. I remember being freaked out like if he saw me naked that I would die or something. It's kinda funny to think about now though. I remember that I went and stood on the other side of my mom to change so that he couldn't see me. I don't think he was looking anyways.

Sometimes on weekends my dad would take us when my mom was working at the grocrey store. When that happened we had to go into the boys change room. Instead of it being almost all girls and some moms it was almost all boys and some dads. The first time this happened we had only been living there for a couple of weeks. I asked my dad if I could go change in the toilet stall but he said that the floor is probably dirty there and there might be pee on the floor and I should just change at the lockers like everyone else so I did. Right after I took my panties off and was just about to put my swimsuit on I looked up and there were 2 boys from my class at school at the lockers right across from us. I got real nervous and was scared because I didn't want them to see me naked. Its funny when I think about it now but I think I almost died then. I was in such a hurry to put my swimsuit on that I put it on backwards. It was a one piece and it was only when I went to put the straps over my shoulders that I realized what I had done. My sister was laughing at me and a bunch of people were looking at me and smiling. I think I started to cry because I had to take my swimsuit all the way off again so I could switch it around and I was really embarrased. I stayed away from the boys from school for most of the afternoon but later when I was at the diving board they were in line behind me. They were nice and didn't make fun of me so I felt a little better.

After swimming my sister and I went with our dad to the shower room and he got our shampoo and stuff from our lockers and brought it back with him. We were there a few minutes before swimming time was over so we didn't have to wait for a shower. We put our towels on the hooks near the doorway and were going over to the showers when dad called us back. As he was taking his swimming shorts off he reminded us that we don't wear clothes to bath or shower. My sister just took her suit off and handed it to dad but I didn't want to. I told my dad that I could just shower at home but he said no. He said not having a good shower after swimming was not an option because of all the chemicals and stuff in the water. I was really nervous again and I could feel my heart thumping in my chest but I did take my swimsuit off and gave it to him and he rinsed it out and hung it up. I went over and got a shower right beside my sister and my dad went on the other side of her.

While we were showering and dad was washing my sister's hair the lifeguard announced over the speakers that public swimming was over and then a couple of minutes later the shower room was packed with people walking by to get to their lockers so they could get their shampoo and stuff. I tried to keep facing the wall so nobody could see anything except my butt and even that bothered me.

Almost everybody took their swimsuits off and showered. Then those boys from school came in with their dads and waited for a shower. As soon as some showers opened up they took their swim shorts off and got under the showers too. They looked over at me a few times but didn't say anything. They didn't seem to care that they were completely naked and I could see everything. I had long hair and it was too hard for me to wash it by myself then. My dad came over and washed my hair for me and helped me rinse it out. I had to stand with the water at my back and tip my head back so he could get all the shampoo out of my hair. After the shampoo was rinsed out my dad started washing my hair the second time and I realized that everybody could probably really see me naked when I was standing like that and I tried to cover my crotch up with my hands but then I figured that by that point everybody had probably already seen everything so I didn't bother. When I opened my eyes again, one of the boys from school was looking at me but the other one wasn't. There were also a couple of other younger boys looking at me too but I didn't know them. My little sister had just turned 5 then and she didn't seem to care about anything. I washed myself with soap and rinsed off then we went over to our towels to dry off. I wrapped my towel around me like it was a dress and walked back to the lockers but I think I took my time getting dressed. I wasn't that nervous anymore.

The next weekend dad took us swimming again and Paul, one of the boys from my class that I saw the first day was there again but his friend wasn't. There was also a girl from my class - Alyssa and her older brother in the boys change room too. Alyssa and Paul and me played all afternoon in the pool and on the diving boards and we all came back in when swimming was over. I was a little nervous in the shower again that day but my two classmates didn't seem to be and were joking around and stuff. They had both been going to that pool since they were in preschool and were used to it. They didn't even act any different even though all of us were completely naked. That really helped me get over being so nervous. The three of us became good friends at school too.

A few weeks later I got invited to Paul's birthday party and we were going bowling and then swimming then over to his house for games and pizza. The party was on a Saturday afternoon and my mom always worked on weekends so my dad volunteered to help with the party. My little sister got dropped off at my auntie's house. When I got to the bowling ally there were about 11 or 12 kids and Alyssa and I were the only girls there. I didn't really think about it much and we had lots and lots of fun. I even got a strike and won some candy. When we got to the swimming pool I realized that there were no moms there to supervise and Alyssa and I had to go with my dad and her dad and everyone else into the boys locker room. I was used to going swimming and changing in the boys change room by then but this was different. A couple of the boys at the party were Paul's cousins from the other side of town (they went to a different school) but everyone else was from our class.

A few of the boys were upset that Alyssa and I were in the boys change room with them because they didn't want us to see them naked. I would have rather been in the girls change room but that wasn't an option. Alyssa didn't seem nervous at all but I was really nervous. She tried to cheer me up and told me that I shouldn't worry. She and I waited until everyone else started changing before we started getting undressed and she was joking around with me the whole time. I think a couple of the boys were more scared than I was. We finished changing into our swimsuits and everyone went to the pool and we had lots of fun. We played on the diving boards and got to play water polo which is sort of like water basketball.

After swimming was over everyone went into the locker room and a few of the boys weren't going to have a shower at all. One of the boys dads was one of the helpers and told them that everyone had to have a good shower and there were no exceptions. That meant everybody. Paul and a few of the other boys just took off their swim shorts and went under the showers but some of them were arguing about it and said they shouldn't have to have a shower in front of everybody especially since Alyssa and I were there. The dad said that he had checked with everyone's parents and said that everybody is to have a good shower. Reluctantly they took off their swimming trunks and got under the shower. Alyssa already had hers off and was splashing water on a couple of the boys there. I took mine off but I'm sure I was really blushing because my cheeks felt hot. Some of the boys looked really embarrased too. After a few minutes everybody kinda relaxed and got in on the big water fight that had started. None of the dads did anything to stop the water fight because everyone was laughing and having alot of fun. I think everybody forgot that we weren't wearing anything and nobody seemed to mind that Alyssa and I were there too. Eventually, everyone did get their hair washed and finished having a shower and we all got dressed and went back to Paul's house. Nobody teased anyone and nobody blabbed about it at school.

After that day I don't think I was ever nervous again about seeing boys change at the pool even if I knew them already from school. I didn't get scared anymore when I had to change or shower anymore either.

Cya l8r, Heather

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