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Posted by ttamerlane on 2004-11-03 21:23:23

I have an IBM too.

Posted by videokansas on 2005-02-15 05:49:23

I built my own desktop, and I also have a 5 year old Dell and a very nice Toshiba laptop.

Posted by Syron on 2005-03-22 14:57:56

I also built my own desktop. I ordered most of the parts from newegg. :)

There's also an old Gateway in my room that I got for free because the previous owner didn't know what she was doing with past upgrades. I completely rebuilt it, installed linux, and now it's my personal file server/firewall. Works great.

I had to remove about eight screws from three different angles to get the drive tray out. I mean if someone were to throw it out of a moving vehicle it might even need all of them. I had to use a crowbar to get the back panel off another. I think I hate OEM cases.