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Best Laptop Brand?

It's almost a tie between IBM and Toshiba...

Posted by videokansas on 2005-07-16 05:03:08

In my opinion, IBM makes the better laptop. IBM users tend to be business users - ThinkPads take a lot of abuse as they travel from airport to airport (and security check to security check), and they still work. Supposedly they've been in fires, left in the woods for 11 months, and driven over by cars (in a bag, of course), and they still work.

However, Toshiba's offerings are attractive as well. IBM is pricey - you get what you pay for, they are very well made. But there really aren't a lot of options in the sub $750 market for consumers from IBM - not to mention that IBM isn't sold in stores. Toshiba makes a good product, I've had a total of three and all of them have been overall great products.

However, the feel of a ThinkPad is nothing to sneeze at. It's a great laptop, so I think it wins. However, if you ask me about practicality (spelling?), I think Toshiba is probably the most practical choice for the average consumer.

Posted by Stinky Scott on 2005-11-18 01:39:33

No argument from me! :D

Posted by Muntermaedel on 2014-08-09 02:15:22

I actually just wanted to comment that Lenovo makes good laptops and they're not on the list. When I read your comment, I was surprised to read that ThinkPadds are made by IBM, so I looked it up. IT turns out, Lenovo bought the brand from IBM. Didn't know that. So thanks random stranger!