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Worst prank Pulled On U

Topic Posts Last Poster Latest
My Polls 1 KGembarrassed 9 years
Skirts removed 1 shrrr 10 years
my lil bro 2 footby 13 years
Worst day of my life - wanked 3 times by school peers 1 Gwelsman 15 years
33 BIRTHDAY PRANK ON MY BOYFRINED 1 miss wwe 16 years
<font color="red">Do You Like to Be Pranked? <font> 1 Psycho Loki 16 years
tickle tortured until i pee! 1 Sophia X's and O's 16 years
Tied up, girl's clothes, ex lax 2 h4x0r 16 years
Tied up and Pooped on by a Cow 1 Psycho Loki 16 years
Most embarrasssing moment. 2 Taylor Brennan 17 years
A prank 1 paintenailsbf 17 years
any ideas?? 3 funny man 18 years
Pranks in College 1 BigDreamer 18 years
Pied 1 Markvilla 18 years
tied up in dress
birthday caked in the face
getting back poll