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Family Nudity


Posted by tightywhitey on 2021-05-04 20:20:22

I am 16 y/o boy named Todd, and I have 3 brothers ages, 12, 13 and 14. After dinner at night we all take a bath and then put on our pajama tops with no pajama bottoms or underpants and we are naked from the waist down. We have always done this. People come to visit in the evening and they see us watching TV or doing school homework. Mom tells us that boys don't need to be afraid or ashamed to have people see our $%!@ and testicles and our little bare bottoms. My brother, Kenny, and I (he is 14) get erections and we are allowed to $%!@e in front of our younger brothers and anyone else who happens to be visiting. Our little brothers know all about sex and they understand about semen and what it is for. They like to see us $%!@ and they love to eat it. My 13 year-old brother has been dry-$%!@ but he just shot his first load and we all congratulated him. He was so proud to have his first load of $%!@ squirt out for us all to see. Sometimes girls from the other apartments in the project come over and they like to see our $%!@ and testicles. My girlfriend and I have sex in my bedroom every night. She loves to have my $%!@ in her $%!@!!

Posted by JONGEN on 2021-09-02 23:01:25

my mom says when a boy turns 13 it should be a law he must $%!@e on his birthday in front of her and famly . that would prevent shyness problems

Posted by Naked man on 2021-09-03 00:37:47

So sweet. Do you have a Kik?

Posted by Hornyguy232 on 2021-09-03 19:16:26

Dang, that sounds like a fun house. Wish I was your dad or uncle. I'd love to help out, and perhaps teach somethings to your younger brothers, or even your mom. ;)


Posted by PaulTrevor on 2021-10-21 11:44:12

the summer when I was 15 I was in trouble and punished the whole summer for not looking after my younger brother.

not only that I lost my clothing and had to be completely naked for 2 month, I was getting a weekly maintance spanking.

the first once were pretty much in private, so just my family around but later it was going almost viral and my brother invited his friends or neighbors over for my punishment spanking. so a lot of people were watching me going in position and getting spanked.

Anyway, I sometimes got to the point of being stimulated during that spankings somehow and not only I got an erection I even cummed during all this.

to avoid this I started to jerk off before my spanking, still sometimes I wasn't fast enough and brought myself in the situation I wanted to avoid. so when parents called me to be spanked, I often entered the full room with a raging hardon.

i got teased a lot for all this.