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Views on Jews and Judaism

The purpose of this poll is to see how people in this new age view Jews and Judaism. Please give me some feedback about what you think of this poll, and about the questions. I will take any and all suggestions into consideration. Thanks!
What is your religion?
Other (give me some idea so i can add!)
How many Jews do you know personally?
How do you view Jews?
They should not be judged based on their religion alone, but by their own individual actions.
As a religious group who thinks as a group due to their joined beliefs and/or ethnic background
If you are not a Jew, how do you think Jews view gentiles?
They scorn them.
They embrace them.
They are weary of them.
They like them.
They tolerate them, but only because they have no choice.
Are Jews justified in having Israel? The Jews possessed the land of Israel back during the time of the Holy Roman Empire, in the province of Judea. The modern state of Israel was formed over the same territory in 1948.
Yes, because that land is sacred to them.
Yes, because they need a nation which they can call their own.
Yes, because they own it and it is internationally recognized.
Yes, because they owned the land before the Palestinians.
No, because it is Palestinian territory.
No, for some other reason (tell me your reasons!)
I don't know.
Some people think that because Jews dont believe in Jesus Christ, they are doomed to eternal damnation, and the only way to "save" them is to convert them. How do you feel about this?
I strongly agree.
I agree.
I dont know.
I disagree.
I strongly disagree.
Judaism is...
An ethnicity.
A set of beliefs.
Something you can only be born into.
A lifestyle.
Something anyone can convert to.
How would you feel about marrying a Jew?
I have.
I dont believe in any type of intermarriage, not just with Jews.
I would if I fell in love with one. Religion dosent matter.
I wouldnt because it would be wierd... they're too different.
I wouldnt because I plan to marry someone of my own faith.
I would only if they converted to my faith.
Why do some people have hostle feelings toward Jews?
They are ignorant and misinformed.
They have nothing better to do.
They have good reasons.
I dont know.
How much do you truly know about Judaism?
Some things.
Not alot, but I'm willing to learn more.
Next to nothing.
Nothing, and I dont care.
Have you heard someone else or yourself call something or someone "Jewish", implying that it is dumb or bad?
Yes, often.
Yes, rarely.
No, never.
Judiasm and Jews is (are)...
a good thing to have in our world
okay, i guess
i have no opinion
not a good thing
I have a positive view of Jews and their religion.
I strongly agree.
I agree.
I disagree.
I strongly disagree.
Jewish stereotypes (ex. Jews control the media, Jews like to con people out of money, etc) are...
baseless and false
i dont know
Do you understand the relationship Jews have with Israel?
Yes, completely.
Not entirely.
No, not at all.
Is Jewish descrimination still prominent today?
Yes, acutely.
Yes, sort of.
Not at all.
Are Jews still bound to G-d's Covanant with Abraham?
This poll was created on 2003-01-02 21:40:36 by Chaia17