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Boys sleeping nude, questions?

I find it funny with all the polls about boys wanting to sleep nude at home and sleep over. While on the other side of the question is boys not wanting to be see naked in the bathroom or, locker room, doctor's office, or by their parents, or other family members.
Parents, have you ever been asked by your preteen son to sleep nude?
No, he was raised to sleep naked as soon he was able to stay dry during the night.
No, but have found him naked when checking on him during the night
Yes, told him that it was fine with you
Yes, no, maybe when he was older
Yes, told no way
My questiion has to do with bed and bath time. As I would have set bed times based on age (or grade), with bath time be one half hour before bed times. When would you allow or make him be naked?
Has to stay in underpants until ready to get into bed
Has to get undressed at bath time, can stay naked while in him room before bed
Can be naked in his room, but has to put on underpants if out of his room
Can have free run of the house while naked between bath and bed time
If naked between bath and bed time, must keep door open if sisters are in his room
Sleep overs, would you or have you allow them to sleep nude? When would they be allowed to be nude? In the sleep area only or have free run of the house?
Yes, have been asked to allow a sleep over and boys slept nude.
No, have never been asked to have a sleep over where boys slept nude.
Yes, boys were allowed to sleep nude, but had to stay in one area of the house only
Yes, boys were allowed to sleep nude, but had free run of the house while naked before bed time
Yes, boys were allowed to sleep nude, but had to be in underpants while watching TV, playing games,
Did your son have to agree to allowed you (parents or sitter) to come into the ares to check on them while they were naked?
No, never checked on them once they got naked
No, but checked on them anyway after ther were undressed
Yes, and did make spot checks on their activities
Allowed sisters to go into the bedroom or rooms where the boys were while naked
What is the age(s) of your son(s)?
6 to 8
9 - 10
11 - 12
13 - 15
16 or older
If you allow your daughter(s)to inter act with you son(s)/ or sleep overs, what is their age range(s)?
Under 6
7 - 9
10 - 11
12 - 13
14 - 16
17 and older
This poll was created on 2003-01-19 04:38:01 by justasking