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Kids and Bath Time

Wondering how many kids these days still take their baths together, if any. Growing up kids took their baths together, didn't have showers back then.
Growing up bath time was time to talk with mom. As we did not have a shower she would wash our hair. Being nude in front of mom was never questioned. Question is, are there still moms who take the time to spent time with their children while they bath?
Yes, for the younger kids.
Yes, for the older preteens.
As kids we would bath together, brothers, sisters, brother and sisters, cousins. Do kids still bath together?
Same sex.
Both sexes.
Cousins, same sex.
Cousins, boys and girls together.
Knew a mom who would bath her two kids together, but had them keep thier underpants on while in the tub together. Are there any kids who bath together who do it while wearing their underpants?
Never heard of this
At what age should kids stop bathing together?
6 or 7
8 or 9
10 to 12
13 or older
A question for babysitters. Have you or do you help with or check on the kids while they are bathing?
Yes, for the younger kids
Yes, even for the older kids
Only if there is a problem
Only if their parents ask you to
At what age should a parent stop checking on their kids while bathing?
6 to 7
8 to 9
10 to 12
13 to 14
over 15
What age kids do you sit for?
8 and under
9 to 12
13 and over
Age, for babysitters?
12 to 14
15 to 16
17 to 19
20 or over
Child or Parent?
Age, if child?
8 or under
9 to 10
11 to 12
13 to 14
15 or older
Parents, do you ever help with the bath, washing backs, etc?
Yes, younger kids
yes, older kids,
Yes, hair
Yes, whole body
Sitters, do you ever help wash the kids you sit for?
Yes, old kids
Yes, younger kids
Whole body
This poll was created on 2003-01-15 02:14:46 by justasking