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Cornertime for girls over 18

In my poll "Curfew and home late punishments for girls over 18" there are a lot of girls submitted to cornertime. This is a poll for her. FOR GIRLS OVER 18 ONLY!
You are a female. Your age is
over 30
You are submitted to cornertime
before spanking
after spanking
before and after spanking
You are also submitted to cornertime
once a day during grounding period
according to my parents' decisions
During cornertime you must be
standing dressed
standing bare bottom
standing full naked
kneeled down dressed
kneeled down bare bottom
kneeled down full naked
Hands free
Hands over your head
Hands at your ankle
If you are kneeled down you must have beans or other things under your knees?
Yes always
No never
Only in particulars cases
How many time you must be in cornertime
10-30 minutes
30-60 minutes
60-90 minutes
till 2 hours
from 2 to 3 hours
from 3 to 4 hours
Over 4 hours
What's the max time you have spent in cornertime
15 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes
1 hour
90 minutes
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
5 hours
6 hours
over 6 hours
During cornertime you may leave your place to drink or to go to the bathroom
No absolutely
Yes, only begging mom's (or other tutor) permission
Depending by punishments
Have you ever submitted to daily cornertime?
Yes, at every punishment
No, never
Yes, for hard fractions
Yes, everytime I'm also grounded
If you are daily cornered for punishment, for how many time
From 2 to 5 days
A week
From 1 to 2 weeks
From 2 to 3 weeks
From 3 to 4 weeks
From 1 to 2 months
Over 2 months
Is your cornertime public?
Only in determined cases
Who witness your cornertime?
Only relatives
Every people who come home
Do you consider the most embarrassing cornertime you have received when you were in front of
Male older than me or like me
Male younger than me
Female older than me or like me
Female younger than me
Are you also punished with nudity or punishment's uniform?
When I was grounded (at 27 too!) my mother put me in the corner every time her friends came home. Have you similar experiences?
If you leave cornertime without permission or before time, you are punished with
more cornertime
public cornertime
spanking or other corporal punishments
extra long groundings
extra chores
confined in my bedroom
daily cornertime
other punishments
What do your friends think about your cornertime?
It's absurd
It's right
You are too old for cornertime
Cornertime is ok but not nude
Cornertime is ok but not kneeled down
It's too much strict
And you?
It's absurd
It's right
I'm too old for cornertime
Cornertime is ok but not nude
Cornertime is ok but not kneeled down
It's too much strict
When the last time you have had cornertime?
Less than a week ago
From 1 to 2 weeks ago
From 2 to 4 weeks ago
More than 1 month ago
More than 3 months ago
More than 6 months ago
More than 1 year ago
This poll was created on 2003-02-16 09:51:01 by donatella