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Casual Family Nudity

Casual family nudity is where a family practice honest, sincere, upfront, no holds barred nudity at home. Most families practice a very small part of casual nudity, but do not talk about it. A real casual family nudity environment does not allow touching of each other's genitals, but are allowed to touch their own, openly. Touching of each other's other body parts is okay, just not the genitals or genital area. An honest "natural" loving family shares nudity at home because God did not ever say being naked is a sin, as society predisposes. A real true natural family share nudity at home, because everyone has the right to be naked at home, not just the adults, and not just at "certain" times. In a casual family nudity environment, closed doors are practically non existent. An open door policy provides an environment prone to healthy growing up. No more fear of uncertainty of puberty because everyone is able to help each other about our bodies, their use and purpose. No fear. Safe. Friendly. This is what life as a family is for. God intended this from the beginning. Look what happened to us now, ever since then. Being naked is not wrong, or sinful, but is good and healthy.
Are you
how old are you?
under 18
Please be honest in ALL of your responces, this is a real poll, not something made up by a child. I am over 18
I am under 18 and will quit this poll
Were you raised in a modest home, and never saw ANYONE naked, even casually?
very strict staunch church going home life
very uncaring relaxed homelife
Do you wish your home practiced casual family nudity?
Do you see family nudity as wrong?
don't care
Life was meant to be lived. If we live life "stifled", we sometimes grow up to be nieve. Would you consider yourself to have grown up in a sheltered home?
nudity was never talked about or shared at all.
nudity was talked about and shared openly.
Our bodies are beautiful. God does not create ugly bodies. Do you believe this?
yes, very much so.
no, my body sucks
I have no opinion
I have no problem sharing my body openly
I tend to hide my body at all costs
In your opinion, do you think everyone should share casual family nudity at home?
I have no opinion
everyone has the right to be naked at home
I love clothes
If you had a chance to get your family sharing casual family nudity, would you do it, and see it as a good thing, and not a bad thing?
Causal family nudity is not ever about sex. In fact, sex and nudity are never placed together in some form of "no-no." Sex is taught to be only between married adults only, and never between family members. This would be a standing rule. Do you agree with this?
Casual family nudity is only about the right to be naked anytime, anyplace, anywhere, at home, as a family. It is never about anything else. Would you like to have this in your home?
If you do not see family nudity or even just nudity period, wrong, then is this something you feel you will persue in your family?
yes, because I love life
no, because being naked is wrong
I don't care
is there a problem with this?
I see nothing wrong with family nudity, therefore, as a basic human being, I can see where being a natural person, created by God, would be a natural thing to share casual family nudity at home.
I agree
I disagree
If you have a family where you share casual family nudity, if you had a home, specially built with a large community type bathroom, with a shower "area" or room with multiple shower heads, would you see anything wrong with sharing the bathroom or shower with other family members, since there is no sex allowed, and nudity is not about sex?
most definately
hell no
it would be fun for all to shower together
where do I get one of those?
would there be locking doors?
I wish my family were not prudes to be naked in front of each other
I want to share casual family nudity with my family
right now
they will never agree to it
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