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JT and Colleen

Polls related to the Young and the Restless's JT and Colleen!
What's your favorite JT and Colleen moment?
When they met
JT goes to Colleen's dance recital.
Colleen tutors JT.
The first kiss.
Colleen professes her love to JT and he admitts that he likes her.
JT stops Colleen from leaving.
JT sings to Colleen
JT sings to Colleen at the Valentines Dance and they kiss.
JT tells Colleen he loves her after giving her a locket.
Their passionate kisses
JT and Colleen almost make love.
JT and Colleen spend time in the hideaway.
JT & Colleen get stranded after the car goes in the ditch.
JT and Colleen reunite.
JT and Colleen's second Valentines together.
JT sings to Colleen on her birthday.
JT rescues Colleen from the fire.
Colleen surprises JT by returning on Christmas Eve.
JT and Colleen kiss at the birthday party he threw for her.
JT kisses Colleen when she questions if he wants to play the field
Do you think JT and Colleen will reunite?
How long have you been a JT and Colleen fan?
Since the beginning
After the first kiss.
After JT stops Colleen from leaving.
After the Valentines Dance.
Since recently
After they reunited and JT gave Colleen her heart back
After JT's music career storyline
Of these things what's your favorite thing about Colleen?
Her love for dance
She's sweet
She's a typical teenager
Of these things what your favorite thing about JT?
His musical talent.
His charm and he's a rebel.
He's a trouble maker turned nice guy due to Colleen.
Besides JT and Colleen, who is your favorite Y&R couple?
Mac and Billy
Raul and Brittany
Victor and Nikki
Sharon and Nick
Ashley and Brad
Jack and Phyllis
Paul and Christine
Dru and Neil
Bobby and Brittany
Phyllis and Damon
Lauren and Michael
Mac and Kevin
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