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Differences in Religious Beliefs

This is a poll on the different religious beliefs around the world.
Your sex
Your Age
under 13
13 - 19
20 - 24
25 - 30
30 - 40
40 - 50
Older than dirt
What Religion are you?
Christian (Protestant)
Roman Catholic
Greek Orthadox
Pagan (Wiccan)
Pagan (Other)
Native American Beliefs
Do you attend church (or equivalent of)?
Yes, all the time.
Yes, some of the time
Do you believe that there is life after death?
Of course!
Absolutely not!
Not sure.
Don't know.
Do you believe in reincarnation?
Yes. Existance is an endless cycle of lives.
Yes, but you only have a certain number of lives.
No. You only get one shot.
Not sure.
What's reincarnation?
If you believe in reincarnation, which of the following do you believe about it?
You continue to come back as a different human each time.
You're reincarnated into the same family over and over again.
You can be born as something besides a human. (bird, fish, tree).
The people you're close to in this life, you'll be close to in others.
You keep coming back until you 'get it right'.
You can reincarnate onto other worlds.
You can reincarnate into other times, including the past.
The sins of this life will follow you into the next one.
I don't belive in reincarnation.
Do you believe in a single, supreme deity?
Yes, there is a single supreme deity and it is male.
Yes, there is a single supreme deity and it is female.
Yes, there is a single supreme deity and it is both male and female
Yes, there is a single supreme deity and it is neither male nor female.
No, there are several deities instead of just one.
No, there are no deities, no god, no nothing.
Not sure.
What's deity?
Do you believe in the existance of angels or spirits that help guide humans?
Yes, there are definately angels.
Yes, there are definately spirit guides.
No, there are no angels or spirits out there.
Not sure.
Do you pray?
Yes, all the time.
Only before going to sleep at night.
Only before meals.
Only on Sunday (or other holy day).
Do you believe that prayer works?
I don't pray
Do you believe in evolution?
Yes. Darwin was a genius.
No. My religious beliefs concerning creation are correct.
No. I believe some other theory of creation.
Not sure.
What's evolution?
What do you believe will happen to you when you die.
I will go to heaven.
I will go to hell.
I will sleep in the ground until the coming of Christ.
I will join with nirvana.
I will reincarnate.
I will reincarnate as a fish (or other animal.)
I will rot in the earth and that will be it.
I won't die. (Um... okay)
I will journey to the summer lands.
I don't know.
I'm not sure.
How tolerant are you of other religions?
I'm not. My religion is the correct one and all the other ones are wrong or misg
Somewhat. My religion is the correct one, but I'll humor the others.
Tolerant. Others are entitled to their religious beliefs.
Tolerant. My religion is right for me, may not be right for someone else.
Very tolerant. What ever you want to believe, go for it!
Very tolerant. All religions have some truth in them.
Don't know.
Not sure.
Prefer not to answer.
Do you try to 'convert' others to your religious beliefs?
Yes. My religion is the correct one they need to change to it before it's too la
Yes, it's my job.
No. Too much trouble.
No, they'll learn their errors in time.
No. My religious beliefs are not neccessarily right for someone else.
Not sure
Do you believe the Bible to be the word of God? Mark all that apply.
Yes, absolutely.
Yes, but it has errors through translations.
Yes, but it's not to be taken literaly.
It was written by men and is full of errors and contradictions.
It is full of history and good moral values.
No, I believe in my own religions book.
The bible is nothing more than crap and has helped in oppressing the people.
Not sure
What's the Bible?
Do you question your own religious beliefs?
Yes. How can we grow spiritual without questioning what we believe?
Yes. I'm not sure yet what I believe.
Sometimes, when I'm alone with my thoughts.
No, I've never questioned. Should I?
No. To do so is blashephemous and God should not be questioned.
No. My beliefs are set in stone.
Not sure
How many times have you changed your religious beliefs?
Never. I still practice the same religion I was born into.
Only denomanations. (1 -3 times)
Only denomanations. (more than 3 times).
Yes. But returned to the religion I was raised as.
Yes. Once. I have not returned to the religion I was raised as.
Yes. Several times. Have not returned to earlier religion.
Yes. Many times. Have not returned to earlier religion.
Yes. I'm still searching for something that I can believe in.
Yes. I've gave up searching for something to believe in.
Not sure.
If you've changed religious beliefs, have you regretted making the change?
No regrets.
Sometimes a feeling of regret.
I keep questioning if I've made the right choice.
Yes. So much that I returned to my previous beliefs.
None of the above.
Not sure.
What are you opinions on 'psychics' and other 'seers'?
They are sinners and will burn in hell.
The bible said there would be other prophets.
They're strange and make me feel uncomfortable.
Their power to divine comes from God(s).
They're cool.
They're all fakes trying to part you and your money.
No opinion. Could care less.
What are psychics?
What did you think about this poll?
Okay. Nothing to write home about.
Too long.
Too short.
Too personal.
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